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# 1 Captain's log...
02-17-2011, 04:41 AM
Captain's Log, we've been ordered to remove Zantil extremists from a former Federation installation code-named the "Draconis facility". Draconis was previously used to gather intelligence on the Zantil's activities.

I am forced to wonder, given the bases well camoflauged seat in the local asteroid field, why Starfleet Intelligence never bothered to scuttle the base after they evacuated. Perhaps they felt it was highly unlikely the base would ever have been found, but none the less I wish it noted in the record that this situation could have been avoided, had the Intelligence team not been so reckless in leaving an enitre base intact near such a hostile presence.

For the immediate future, I am leading an away team comprised of security chief Ferris and a full squad of security officers to remove the Zantil occupiers.
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# 2 Suppliment
02-17-2011, 04:42 AM
Captain's Log, supplimental: After repeated attempts to remove the Zantil occupiers, I have made the decision to abandon the mission. The Zantil are too entrenched. I've lost several security officers and Mr. Ferris informs me the Zantil fortifications are only getting stronger.

As this facility seems to have no real value to Starfleet, since they chose to abandon it in the first place, it's my recomendation that another vessel be dispatched to this sector to destroy the base from space.

The Excalibur has lost too many personnel to reclaim an abandoned base.
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# 3 Supplemental
02-17-2011, 05:37 AM
After being dispatched to deal with a persistant enemy on an abandoned base, my first officer has informed me that due to personel loses and heavy damage to our engineers experimental equipment having been deployed to deal with the Zantil threat...

We have decided to beam tribbles and 40 metric tons of romulan ale onto the station.

My science officer figures drunk reproducing tribbles would soon push the invading Zantil off of the base for good. At which point all Star Fleet will have to deal with is drunk tribbles rather than a superior foe that has cost many lives and equipment.

It is my understanding that we are the 73rd starship sent to deal with the Zantil....Im begining to think this has become some sort of test brought on by starfleet.....a more live version of the Kobayashi Maru test for uncoming Captains and newly appointed Admirals.

Assuming the Zantil don't have strange mating habits with tribbles....this should work itself out in about 3 days, in which case we can then kill all the tribbles in a massive BBQ at HQ to celebrate.
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# 4 Captains log
02-17-2011, 10:11 AM
Is stuck in the puch again.

And have the Engineers look at our cloaking device. I tire of decloaking everytime a warrior recieves a "letter from Qo'nos".

3.1234 x 7.6592, Lieutenant General
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