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“Here we stand once more, battered and beaten, but not yet defeated. Once again we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice so many of us have made and ONCE again! I stand here asking even more of you all. Only few of us are left that means many of us are no longer with us and yet we who remain have to do all we did when those who are gone where still here.”

“I call you to arms once more for the Federation needs you in her struggles again, so stand proudly, shake of your tiredness, forget your grief for now as we will strike these Klingon *******s at their hearth and we WILL take vengeance for those who have been killed.”

“Now go and take your positions one last time.”

Captain Marten de Vries
USS Sarajevo
During the Klingon Federation war in 2267

Serena Athrawes shook her head as she once again read through the speech of Captain Marten de Vries. He had never been known for being good at the words, but his body language was what carried the speech above anything. She lay down the PADD and looked around her ready room, the remains of the fish tank where still not cleaned up, her replicator had been broken for weeks and half of the panelling had been blow off. She showed a bitter smile at all, Captain Marten de Vries had been in a quite similar situation over a 140 years ago.

She hit her combadge, which was miraculously still working, =/=Eta till the front lines?=/= She asked to her first officer.

A tired voice came back, =/=32 minutes captain.=/=

Serena shook her head and got up from her chair and headed towards the bridge, soon her tinned out crew would take an other beating, like she had been doing for weeks. Personnel was getting rare as people started to realise being in starfleet was not a very healthy thing these days, but at least the USS Sarajevo had been able to restock on quantum torpedoes.

“Captain on the bridge!” A young ensign shouted which had ben promoted to chief tactical officer after the last battle. His shout showed he was quite new indeed, but the effect was still the same as everyone rose up.

“At ease.” Serena said and walked to her chair before carefully sitting down in it. “Ready for an other day in paradise?” She asked to her XO.


Ever since playing this game the MMO bit has always been limiting a lot of things, one of them is how I think things would be in times like this. It should be far more dark and though, resources getting sparse, personnel dies quicker than it can be replaced and ships continuing to serve even though they really should be repaired, but there is simply no time or facilities available.

This is not any critics towards cryptic, it is just me thinking of how things actually would look instead of the forever polished look and fully crewed ships we have now. maybe it will be possible to show this in a few years, who knows

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