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Can I just ask why some of the long-standing bugs and often-requested features don't seem to be in the engineering reports? I could see if these were things that went against your design (as, strangely, adding simulator elements to our ship interiors for the RP community seems to be) but some of this stuff is common sense that doesn't seem to be crossing the threshhold.

In general some of the things you have planned for the future are on the right course but I asked in another post, could there maybe be a "Player Council" that can have some direct input into the stuff getting into the backlog and/or Engineering Reports? Not saying to turn the development and design of the game over to us (but if you did there's sooooooo much I'd change) but there has GOT to be a better way than posting on the forums and hoping a dev happens by, or logging a bug report into oblivion and never getting a response.

Just a few of the examples of "what the heck?" stuff that's STILL not done:
  • Exchange search which has been borked forever unless you're super-specific
  • Enhanced BO search functionality in Exchange
  • Hotbar powers not firing reliably
  • Sniper rifle animation causes you to be stuck <- since BETA people
  • Aid the Planet popup doesn't appear sometimes when on teams

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