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# 1 Map Tags
02-27-2011, 06:18 PM
I was thinking about using the Foundry for my fleet's RPs. Basically I would create a story outline with vague objectives and make a map out of that. NPC dialog would exist but no player dialog (so I wouldn't put anything except 'next' on those buttons).

This got me thinking... How would I alert people that this was designed as an RP map and not a normal map?
I could use the description of course.
But what if I WANTED to find an RP map? There's no tag that I can search for except "RP" or "Role Play" or such.
We have such tags for fleet searches so I thought, why not for Foundry maps?

So we could have: Action, diplomacy, STO related, Non-Canon, Fantasy, Role Play, Exploration, ect....
That way players can search for a category rather than a specific map or key name.

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