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Once you beam down, I'm sure the mission is great, but I wasn't really in the mood to go through it after my long flight this morning. I'll come back later and finish it up.

My gripe is with the initial space part of the mission. Why do we follow this reman ship so close they can feel our breath for five minutes of nothing? All that part of the mission should have been was to lure the reman ship and place a tracker on it. Then watch as it warps to where it warps to. Why the unnecessary padding? It was like being in a Biller or Braga script, where they've run out of actual story so they pad the teleplay with technobabble. Only there wasn't even dialogue to go along with the "follow the yellow-brick road" part...

And for God's sake, MY SHIP HAS A CLOAKING DEVICE! I would love it if the missions would allow for such an occurrence when they have these avoid detection objectives. I shouldn't have had to "Deal with Romulan forces" at all. And can somebody please fix the cloaking mechanics so we don't de-cloak every time Sulu sneezes?

Don't even get me started on the uniform destruction patches.

Rant over.

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