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# 1 Shuttle Missions
02-20-2011, 09:58 PM
I really really liked the use of Shuttles and runabouts in "The Vault". It was a blast! Litteraly! I would greatly appreciate more missions involving them. Maybe there could even be a STF mission involving several shuttles to complete.

On another note, Could the ships in the Kerat Space War be changed such that players in shuttles do not provoke attacks from the Borg? I think it is entierly reasonable that the Borg would ignore a single shuttle or runabout. It would possibly open up a strategy such that a player could infiltrate the Hive, download the codes without arousing the Borg's intrest. It is only when the player in a shuttle attempts to destroy a repair hulk or probe that the Borg take notice.

Maybe there could be a few shuttle missions where the player takes a shuttle into a Dominion/True Way facility. Also, could there be a mission where a Fed player takes a shuttle into the Ty'gor Space Station? It could start out similar to "The Vault", but once ground part begins, it takes a completely different turn.

On a final note, there were a few unattended scorpion shuttles in the vault, and the reward for the mission is the use of scorpion fighters like a carrier. Is there a way that I could get a scorpion fighter to fly around in like the type-8 shuttle?

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