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Are you talking if they have RSP running as well, cause that's the only thing I know of that uses damage to recharge shields.
the last time i had this happen to me, it was AP DHC and Turrets on a Fleet escort....if my suspicion of a certain player is right....i do not recall seeing any BO or DBB Gfx. I stopped using RSP a week before the change went live and haven't looked back to needing it again.
I was/used:
  • Covariant Mk XI [Pha] [Dis] [Tet]
  • 35% shield Console
  • +7 Shield Console [shield power being 79/50]
  • powers of use: Shields 1 & 3 and RSF
  • 2 Mk X Neutronium armor consoles

I know i still had shields up, we were talking in vent 'cus our teammate had just commented on losing hull but his shield Fx showed as being near full. Then it happened to me too. i still had white shield graphics about half-strength and was about to pop a shield heal when i noticed it was my hull that was/did drop from 90% to about 30% in seconds.
It happened 3 times in that match and then again we fought the same player and his 2 mates and it happened twice more in that match and then we haven't seen that issue, as a fleet, since the shield nerfing.

Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
I am wondering if maybe it is that the shield resistance change does make it where you take more Bleed through, and what that would mean for using Resilient shield types.
Well, it happend to our fleet and me personally before the shield resist nerf and as a fleet we havent seen or heard of anyone experiencing this after it....thought it was a bug come and gone. Guess by the 2 threads that this is still an issue.

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