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# 1 NewGen Fleet
02-23-2011, 07:56 AM

NewGen fleet is a friendly social Star Trek Online fleet/guild we are hell-bent on leveling, playing though content and having as much fun as possible.

We have been around since the start of STO!

What you get from NewGen?

- Friendly team mates
- A Mumble communication server for you to chat with us and have a good laugh .
- A fully functional website (
- A wide range of games. We play other games for a laugh aswell and your all welcome to join us.
- Skilled Players, we all love mmo's and have been playing them for a long time.
- Trekkies, We LOVE STAR TREK! of course you dont have to as much as us .

Well if you want to join us that's awesome!, to join simply message me in-game.

I look forward to seeing you!
- Max

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