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02-23-2011, 02:04 PM
I got a cupple but if one gets in I'm fine (Dealers Choice)

With Featured Episode 3x4 and the "Screenshot" Dan Leaked a few days ago with the Mellee-Weapons I wonder if it is planned to tie all comming future series to some new Ingame-Feature gameplaywise.

With the Klingons having access to more and more sectors do you plan to make Sirius a Fed-Only-Sectoc-Block like Omega Leonis is for the Klingons or would you rater open up klingon Space totally?

In an Interview I heared Dan say that there are plans to open up The Gamma Quadrant for Exploration as soon as Exploration is "fixed". What is the current release-aim for the Exploration-Refit?

With the Foundry hopefully hitting Holodeck soon Which features are on the plate for that part of the system in the near term (say before you tackle Player-Created Interiors or stations)?
Also can we expect to see some new maps be fitted for Foundry-Use (I got some Idea for Drozana-Station) and some new Characters in Social Zones (Like the Klingon Station Commander on Gandala)?
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02-23-2011, 02:06 PM
with the Foundry, we can create our own mission content (which is so sweet )
but, could we also get a ship creator in the future? it could work something like this:

* we have a ship screen (similiar to the ship customization screen), and it's empty at first
* we have two separate lists; one for canon ship parts (hull, saucer, plyons, nacelles, struts, etc), and one for small additions we could add
* after clicking which parts we want to use, we can use a click and drag thing to adjust the length, height and width of which part we clicked (this can also be done with the small extras)
* separate tabs can be done for federation and klingon ships (can include all the other races that make up these empires)
* when the player is satisfied with the final result, they press the finished button and the design is sent to Cryptic to be evaulated if it can be added in-game (not sure how this can be done, but Cryptic could think of something, I'm sure )
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# 83 Fighters & Shuttles
02-23-2011, 02:07 PM
With the inclusion of new shuttles, and soon the inclusion of fighters, will any new features be added to increase the immersion and purpose of their use? As it is outside of the Vault, and the one KDF mission, fighters and shuttles have little use. They're incapable of taking on even a single starship above tier 1 unless they attack en mass. It would be awesome if KDF characters could hop in their fighters and form a team with a player running a carrier and start missions with the carrier acting as the fighters respawn points, and fighters getting buffs for being within proximity to the carrier itself. (The same could be applied to shuttles/runabouts/fliers and Star Cruisers, or going by the flavor text on the site here, Akiras). Such little gameplay additions would add a bit of immersion (You are a fighter pilot, operating from a carrier) and give some actual use to the fighters with them being buffed by being around a carrier, giving them actual punch. Are ideas like this being considered for upcoming releases for the game?
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A couple of days ago Mr. Stahl you were interviewed by the RedshirtArmy Podcast, episode 43. At 55 minutes into that podcast you said;

"The Featured Episode is where we as a team, you know we're a small team, we don't have a ton of resources, but we're doing what we can. But we can focus on making the new and the cool and the exciting new environments, new buildings, new locations you've never been, new aliens that haven't been in the game before, new types of weapons, new starships.

We can focus on new, as we're working on the Featured Episodes, and then when we're done we can put all of that stuff in The Foundry. So we're constantly feeding The Foundry with new stuff for you to use in your episodes. That is a beautiful relationship that is really going to keep The Foundry missions fresh because it's not going to be just making the same old episodes all the time, with the same old creatures, you're going to get to benefit from all the things we're doing in all of the Featured Episodes."

Does this mean that the Star Trek Online Development Team will no longer be making any missions other than the Featured Episodes?

Is the team's focus going to switch entirely to coding new things for the C-Store, and new items and maps, and relying completely on The Foundry to add new content to the game?
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02-23-2011, 02:08 PM

Is it possible - from the game engine's perspective -, to merge the Sirius and Regulus sector blocks (and perhaps more)? A little less loading screens, a little bigger space to fly around would be welcome.

Also, it would be nice to see a little rationalization of the whole galaxy sometime. Like moving Delta Volanis, an explo cluster away from the heart of the Federation... :p Or placing Orellius somewhere else ("under" Eta Eridani?), so you don't have to say that Klingons go across the whole Federation to get there.

Thanks for all the hard work!
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02-23-2011, 02:11 PM
The foundry is awesome and I'm very excited about the upcoming changes to add branching etc... I have loads of ideas for missions, but some of them still wont really be possible. What kind of features can we expect going forward?
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# 87 Open PvP Sector?
02-23-2011, 02:13 PM
are there any plans for an open PvP sector that is actively contested by Feds and/or Klinks?
Y'know, almost like Kerrat, only it's an active warzone where you can get utterly beaten and outnumbered? with special objectives that change the outcome of a later mission/match?
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02-23-2011, 02:14 PM
Q. Why is the duty roster system not utilizing Bridge Officers or Non- Commissioned BOs as we asked for? (the idea was to make our BOs feel more important and part of the "Crew System" and now someone has taken a wrong turn and is designing something totally different?)
The initial idea was to:
1 store BOs and NC BOs with in our ship interior
2. place them/ give them tasks and give them titles (1st ofr etc.)
3. Customize ship uniforms (bu class)
4. possibly get ship buffs
5. Department heads, 1st ofr titles and duty roster was supposed to all be part of the same system..."The Crew System"
and roll into the playable Captain possibilities. (what i see is duty roster crafting system for buffs, and that is wrong turn from what was asked for) crafting items would be cool as a perk, along with buffs, but not as the whole system.(just give BOs/NC BOs innate traits for the crew system.(this in turn would give us more BO slots that have been neglected and then we have a real crew.) IE do not remake the wheel.

Thank you.

Q. we have an observation lounge/ conference room for the Bajor diplomacy would you please add it to our ship interior.
(bunches more questions but i have to find them from previous "ask" sessions.)
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02-23-2011, 02:17 PM
The time travel missions so far have been among my favorite, if for no other reason than they give me a good excuse to suit up my officers in canon uniforms...

...but most of the time travel missions (with the exception of State of Q) seem to be TOS-era only. Are there ANY plans to do further time travel missions (possibly involving the Guardian) that might bring us to other canon periods within the ST timeline?

(It would be a great in-game way to promote the costume packs, after all...)
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02-23-2011, 02:17 PM
Thanks again for taking our questions.

Will you please add a dynamic display of our shield regeneration and damage resistance levels to the UI? Details available here:Mini-Games:
  • Can we please have a High Roller Dabo? Some place where we can gamble more than 300EC per spin? 3,000-30,000 per spin would be preferred. This would be an ideal addition to The Captain's Table.
  • When do you exect to get Poker working in our Ship's Interior? Do you expect this to be a solitaire only game (vs. the computer - Ideally we could see our BOs at the table!) or will we also be able to play against other players? What flavor of Poker should we expect? Draw, Stud, Texas Hold'em? How about a choice?
  • Is 3D Chess planned for the future?
Klingon Clothing needs some work, and I'm sure it's coming. When you get into it, can you look into these specifics:
  • Make it so we can change the colors of our Sash/Baldrics.
  • Add green and purple hues to the KDF color pallet.
  • Allow the Nausicaan armor and Orion clothes be worn by other KDF members.
  • Grant a 100-Day Vet reward costume item (similar to the Fed's commbadge).
Can you look into the Engineer Captain Power Orbital Strike:Can we have some Accolades associated with Crafting?Can you give us any info on the "Unruly Roost - Defeat the Borg Tactical Cube" Story Accolade mentioned here:And lastly:
Since Graviton Science Consoles give a Tractor Beam skill buff, why is it that Positron Deflector Arrays, instead of Graviton Deflector Arrays, give a bonus to Tractor Beam skill? (And can this some how be corrected?)

Thanks again for your time.
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