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Freakazoid here, also known as BoredZero.

Since I was unable to put this up due to the large influx of new crew members, I've decided to put this up under a separate thread.

As I am also a writer (not published mind you), I will be attempting to novelize the voyages of the crew of the Ten Forward-A as we go along.

Here's what I have so far, and was originally intended to kick start the thread.


Space…the final frontier where many other notable ships have gone before, such as the Enterprise and the Voyager.

These are the voyages of the crew of the USS Ten Forward.


Actually, the USS Ten Forward hasn’t been launched yet. In fact, it hasn’t even been christened yet.

This is because Captain_Zero, her soon-to-be commanding officer had one very big problem.

Captain_Zero had no crew with which to staff her ship.

Due to the recent uptick in hostilities with numerous factions, Starfleet has had to change their recruiting policies a bit to deal with the increasing need for crew and ships.

Somewhere along the line however, a clerk working in Personnel wasn’t paying attention and she was thus never assigned a crew. Therefore…

“Admiral.” She started calmly.

“Yes, Captain?” Quinn replied, equally calmly, a lit cigar in his mouth.

“Are you telling me that I have to go find a crew myself?”

Quinn took a puff from his cigar before removing it from his mouth, holding it in his hand. “Yes, Captain. That’s exactly what I’m telling you. Do you have anymore questions? No? Good. I’m late for my tee time.” Admiral Quinn said, motioning to his assistant who followed him out of the door lugging a set of golf clubs. “Good luck, Captain!” He said, leaving his office, leaving behind a twitching Captain_Zero behind holding a datapad.

Shaking her head in disbelief she wandered out of the office, heading for the shuttle bay. Rubbing her temples with her free hand as she held the pad in the other, she sighed in exasperation to herself as she passed Club 47 as she spied several young officers attempting to make passes at the other officers.

“Morons…” She muttered, as she continued walking, taking a turbolift to the lower level. It didn’t take her long to arrive at the shuttle bay.

She stepped up to the counter, an all too perky Starfleet Ensign at it.

“Good evening, Captain!” She greeted cheerfully. “How may I help you today?”

“Give me a seat on the next shuttle to San Fran.” Captain_Zero said irritably, the cheery ensign’s perkiness getting on her nerves.

“You’re just in luck, Captain!” The counter girl replied. “The next shuttle to San Fransisco is currently loading up at Docking Bay Sierra-9 and there are four spots left on board. They will be departing in approximately five minutes.”

“Great.” Captain_Zero replied. “A bit of good news for once. Where is Bay Sierra-9?” She asked hopefully.

“Just follow the signs, Captain. You may want to run, Sierra-9 is a bit far from here.” The unnamed ensign suggested.

Captain_Zero threw her a quick thanks and turned away in search of Sierra-9.

It was a good thing she had decided to run, as Sierra-9 couldn’t be farther from the main area. She arrived at the docking bay with just thirty seconds to go.

“Damn paper tigers.” The person in front of her muttered, evidently upset about something as he waited in line.

Captain_Zero simply glared angrily at the back of the person’s head as she tried to catch her breath.

Unfortunately, she wound up being seated next to the annoying ******* in front of her.

“Heading to the Academy, huh?” He asked, spying the datapad in her hands. “What’d you do to **** off Starfleet?”

“Nothing.” Captain_Zero replied evasively. “Why, what did you do?”
The man next to her snorted as he strapped himself in. “Some stuff. Lost my ship and a rank.” He explained, narrowing his eyes. “But since I did such a wonderful job, they want me to go to the Academy and spend the rest of my career teaching about ship to ship combat. What are you going down there for?”

“Starfleet personnel screwed up so I have to go find my own crew.” Captain_Zero said cautiously.

“You wouldn’t have an opening on your ship, would you?” The man suddenly asked. “Anything is better than having to teach a bunch of wet behind the ear morons about something they won’t be able to use anyway.”

“Depends. Who are you, exactly?”

“Commander BoredZero, but everybody calls me Freakazoid.” BoredZero replied.

“I’ll think about it. AFTER I’ve looked at your personnel file.” Captain_Zero said, emphasizing the second sentence.

“Whatever.” BoredZero replied. “As long as it’s at getting away from the Academy – I’d rather not go back.”

“Bad experiences?”

“No, it’d just be really awkward working with some of my former victims.”

Captain_Zero inched away as far as physically possible at those words.

“Not like that!” BoredZero replied, noticing her discomfort. “Pranking victims! I used to pull tricks on everybody!”

“Really?” Captain_Zero asked, uninterested trying to block out his voice.

Note: This was originally written under the assumption of using forum stuff and not characters. I will be editting this to reflect the change and adding to this whenever time allows.

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