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# 1 Mission plans for live Foundry
02-24-2011, 01:41 PM
Currently the last mission i made for Foundry on Tribble was "When The War Began" which was as described here:
The Romulans invade the Federation colony of New Australia, you are sent in with a taskforce to take it back. But upon arriving with massive ground forces to the surface, you realize the local resistance group is made entirely of teenagers..can you make soldiers of them before the colony is lost to the Romulans? And what secret is uncovered that made them Invade in the first place?

When Foundry goes live i will recreate this one and i have written up part 2 of this ongoing story arc.

"The Darkness War Brings"

Part 2 of the New Australia arc

The Romulans have invaded and occupied the Federation Colony of New Australia for over three months now, the resistance has taken a hidden
Iconian base as its own . You receive a disturbing coded distress call from them, it seems among the technology uncovered within
was an Iconian gateway, and something dark and evil is coming through...

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