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02-25-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
i was kinda confused that last weeks disruptor weapons weren't scaling but Mk *** now they go back and change the others? oooh... why?

scaling is nice.

you can do the missions when you start a new ALT and stop worrying about getting them new weapons all the time... so what i save some more EC, big deal *meh*
i don't want to rerun those missions every rank, to upgrade the gunz of my Boffs...

that change screws more up with the XP curve if you want to keep your blue phaser then saving some Energy Credits.
I'm really down with this. I want to keep my breen weapon thank you and not have to grind over and over and over again just to keep it up to date.
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02-25-2011, 10:18 AM
The weapons I notice have the most inconsitancy are the crafted weapons. For instance the MK XI Quantum torpedoes aren't the same as the dropped or emblem-bought ones (damgage modifier aside).
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02-25-2011, 10:19 AM
Bad change all around. The appeal of the leveling items wasn't that they were "better" than Mk whatever gear, it was that they had an interesting or unique look and effects, and you could use them all the way from LC to VA without having to replace standard Mk rated gear at each new rank. Given the velocity of leveling in this game, that in itself was enough of an advantage for me to equip them on all my BOs and my captain. They were always slightly inferior to the maximum Mk item I could equip within a tier (except at Grade 10, where they do finally match the even Mk number stats for your rank). But I used them anyway just because it was one less thing to spend credits or farm time on as I leveled, and they worked just fine.

Making "unique" items Mk rated, and especially doing it in such a mish-mashed, mixed up and sloppy way, AND doing it while leaving people with five of the old "unique" items still in-game, is just lame. Although, anyone that has these at VA1 is probably using Mk XI gear instead, since the leveling weapons cap at Mk X. Ironically, the biggest benefit of the old weapons was for leveling toons, not those at endgame, and its those new toons leveling up who have now entirely lost the benefits.
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02-25-2011, 11:05 AM
the tos type 1 mini phaser you get from the guardian of forever replay has bugged scaling dps too. also all the sudden some of my white mk XII equipment is getting bounded to me! dual disruptor cannons in this case.

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