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There's just one thing I noticed about the episodes. Often my favorite parts aren't the end, but the first or second chapters.
I prefer it when things end on the highest note. It's a preference.

The episode where you go back in time to the station and meet McCoy and stuff... the ending was I believe just a slightly harder Dividian.

For this episode I felt that my favorite parts were towards the beginning. From the arena to FINALLY adding classic music (and one of the best!) to the big boss battle that handles better than any other boss in the game. It was amazing.
Then I went on to search for supplies and walked for way too long and just did some back and forth work. The last cut scene was great and I saw it coming when they fired at myself being transported out. However as great as it was the second act with the freakin' arena and boss battle was by far my favorite part.

It's actually a common thing in these episodes for me. I feel that the peak often comes in the beginning or middle and rarely the end.

Still, this episode was great! So I'm just nitpicking.
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02-26-2011, 10:29 PM
What would have been better, during that final cut scene, our captains should have beamed out just ask Hakkeev was about to say Iconians. he could have screamed NOOOOOOOO. And then our captains should have beamed onto our transporters screaming "NOOOOO....couldn't you have waited just a few more seconds he was about to explain the whole thing" Then with the transporter chief says "would you like me to send you back"...followed by one of your BO contacting you saying "Captain, incoming transmission from the surface....its Haakeev. And then once on the bridge he could go on with his little rant , adding something to the effect of "you may have escaped this time captain, but it is of no consequence, and then continued with his speech. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC!!!
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02-26-2011, 10:34 PM
Well off the top of my head. I'm no writer so take this however you want.

I do all the escape attempts first, then I get recaptured. Then I do the arena (the best part of the mission IMO). The Romulans didn't figure out that I finished sending out the signal so when I defeat all the arena challenges they come out and do that scene basically the exact same way as it's done except I'm in the arena. I beam out with Romulans shooting at my beam directly from the arena, appear in my transporter room with my BOs explaining how they found my signal and beamed me out just in time (I added this ). My ship warps out before Romulan reinforcements arrive.

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