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# 1 More Explosions!
02-28-2011, 08:09 PM
Now I'm not harping on the current effects/graphics/whatever, ship combat is gorgeous. I was watching an episode of TNG... called "Cause and Effect", it showed the Enterprise D blowing up several times during the episode. Picard repeatedly yelling "All hands, abandon ship!' sends chills, it's wicked.

Anyway, the effects were awesome (for that time) and I was having a 'This would be awesome in STO moment" so here it is: I wish there was more dramatic damage effects in game, and I know, all of these would require significant development.

List of suggestions (One of these could happen at random):
1) The same old effect we currently see. I guess we can assume that we lost containment and had a warp core breach.

2) Instead of just popping we would loose a nacelle and start to list to one side and then explode.

3) Steal directly from "Cause and Effect" and have the one nacelle pop and spin/swing the ship 180 degrees (the axis of the spin would be the nose of the saucer) before the whole ship explodes. It was pretty darn cool.

List of suggestions (Based on the current situation when defeat occurs)
1) Maybe if you can track the killing shot... if someone happens to land Beam overload or a beam shot thats hitting for a high crit as the killing shot... have half their saucer section just blow away and the ship just list/coast for a second or two before exploding..

2) Again, if you can track the killing shot and it is torpedo's from Torpedo spread or High Yield Torpedo, have the ship rock and come apart as it takes the hit. The parts wouldn't go far and would be consumed during the major explosion which would still come from the hull.

I'm sure others can think of more ideas. Just had to get this
Lt. Commander
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# 2
02-28-2011, 08:30 PM
i wouldnt mind seeing improvements to explosions across the board. i always thought explosions in sto look more like orange dust clouds more than smoke(in ground combat) and "fire"

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