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So its been batted around more than once that the BTD needs to go from being a social device to something more useful.

I have long been a proponent of using it as a medical device, I now have a full proposed setup.
Think of it as the ground counterpart to the Devidian phase device:

"Breen Bio-thermal Damper:
In or Out of Combat healing and resist device.

This Breen medical device significantly lowers the user's body temperature (within safe levels) thus increasing resistance to heat, burns, and toxins. The BTD has also been found to slow the process of assimilation.
The effect, however, makes the user more vulnerable to cold damage as their body temperature is already so low.

+Temporary massive plasma fire resist
+Temporary large resist to any other kind of heat based effects or residues (EG disruptor residue etc)
+Medium resist to any kind of toxic effect (EG Gorn bite, Ahella worm venom etc etc)
+Low resist to Assimilation

*Instantly cleanses all active fire/heat debuffs
*Halves remaining duration on all active toxic or assimilation debuffs

-Minus Massive cold resist. (EG a cryo grenade, Breen cryo abilities, or CRM rifle will do huge damage)"

The visual effect would be a mild icy-blue webbing effect over the charachter, similar to what cryo grenades do perhaps.
Something not overly straining to the GPU. :p


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