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# 1 More sciencey missions
03-01-2011, 08:12 AM
I've been marathoning TNG the last week or so, watching about 5 or 6 episodes a day, and there really is a lot of great ideas in the show which can be incorporated into STO. It'd be nice if my science alt could do some missions of a science nature. For instance, getting a mission where i warp to and approach a pulsar, or neutron star or somesuch in order to perform scientific study. And maybe something interesting goes wrong with the ships systems while performing the study.
There's all sorts of possibilities for this kind of mission, and i suppose Foundry, when it goes live on holodeck, will allow players to devise missions of this sort themselves. Maybe all we need is some added assets like stars the size of planets that we can approach. And maybe some other celestial bodies.

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