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Has anyone managed to finish this mission on ELITE without dying rather super-quickly ?

Usually something hits me in an instant which evaporates my shields and shrinks my hull to 5-10%.

No matter what I tried as Commander or as a Captain now, with mostly blue and some very rare gear equipped, as a Tactical Escort.
I'm using Reveres Shield Polarity, Polarized Hull and Jam Sensors over the course of dying.

The Combat Log revealed to me my usual dying-course which is:

Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort 2000(12000) Torpedo Quantum Salvo III
Galor Class Normal Photon Torpedo does 5000(14000) (it does its hugh number usually without the Salvo III Name near it)
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03-02-2011, 07:56 AM
I can't give you any promises, but try ditching Reverse Shield Polarity for Emergency Power to Shields. Use it when you see the enemy launching his torpedo salvos (and before they hit), if not sooner. (Just make sure it's still up when you get hit with it). Considera dding in Transfer Shield Strength and check how much power you have diverted to shields.

Your problem against the Jem'Hardar or Galor is that their "kill"-power is entirely unaffected by Reverse Shield Polarity, as that only regenerates from energy damage. If you "harden" your ship's shields with powers like EPtS or TSS and higher, your shields will stay up longer and you can use other powers to recover any remaining damage you took over time.

There is still the chance that you die from the bleedthrough of the attack - then you need to harden your hull with Polarize Hull, Auxillary to Structural Integrity Field or Attack Pattern Delta as well (or just that, as your shields might actually survive anyway).

I think someone mentioned that NPC vessels inflict full torpedo damage to shield, not applying the usal 75 % damage reduction for kinetic damage against the shields. (Player Torpedoes are reduced like that) That would make High Yield Torpedo and similar skills particularly devestating and make "normal" shield resistances more important.
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03-02-2011, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the advice, gonna try these out ;)

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