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# 1 Ticket Support, bugs and you.
03-03-2011, 05:00 PM
So you're doing a ground mission. 30 minutes or more into the mission, you get to the end of a particular line and the mission will not end or continue for whatever reason. At this point, you explore as much of the map as you can and comb through it for another 30 minutes for consoles or objects you might need to interact with to progress the mission. Nope, there aren't any to be found. After checking wikis and mission guides in desperation, you find yourself not missing anything required to unlock the next objective. So you do what anyone would do and submit a ticket for GM help. After another half hour of waiting you get a reply to the ticket along the lines of:

"Please reset the mission and try again to fix the issue."

If your ticket wasn't descriptive enough, you would be asked to edit and resubmit the ticket and wait another 30 minutes.

Considering this game has a monthly fee attached to it, on top of microtransactions that aren't so micro, I expect decent customer service and I don't believe this kind of response is adequate.

This game has an unusually high number of bugs for a pay-to-play MMO. Though this is my first MMO by Cryptic, I've played many MMOs by various developers. From my experience, the number of bugs and the quality of support from STO is on par with free-to-play microtrans MMOrpgs developed by some unheard of company. Even in those games I would eventually be able to actually speak to a GM directly. Here, to keep in "contact" with the GM, you're expected to edit your ticket and wait another 30 minutes for a reply.

I *know* I can reset the mission and try again and again until I don't get the same hang up. I've done so many many times. However, this type of response from Cryptic tells me that they're not interested in fixing or modifying the script so that it doesn't happen and more interested in blowing the customers off. The errors I see in these missions are obviously the cause of bugs. e.i. Certain npcs not appearing when they should for whatever reason, the next set of objectives not triggering even when the conditions are met, I've even had a console that you should be able to interact with, not being interactable.

I'm sure with the frequency that I run into these situations, I can't be the only one. Every time I go through the game on a new character, I run into these situations at least 3 times, across various missions. I've been more than reasonably patient.

As a customer, I would like to see better support and these problems addressed instead of telling the customer to LOLtryagain, and an option of directly speaking to a GM like in so many other MMOs. After I've already lost an hour and a half of my free time to a bug, I don't want to play text-message-tag with someone who requires more than half an hour to reply, with ultimately no resolution.

Thank you for reading.

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