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Considering the effect that the new Rom shield reward from the latest FE has, how about a mission series where you play as a Starfleet or KDF captain that has defected to the Romulans? In fact, some of the KDF ships look pretty close to a Rom ship with the shield effect, so you might could actually make some straight up Romulan missions where you are supposed to BE a Romulan. Thoughts?
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I'd LIKE to say I like this idea, but if a lot of players like this idea, and the missions go well, Cryptic may decide to go with that horrible idea of splittling the Romulans between the UFP & KDF instead of making them a 3rd faction, which is a terrible idea, by the way.

Why would you split them, even though the storylines thus far would make it quite conceivable of happening, when you can do something that even WoW hasn't done by having THREE distinct factions?! I'm also in favor of the Cardassian Union as a fourth . . . eventually, or maybe even The Dominion.
There ARE more than just two superpowers in the Milky Way Galaxy in Star Trek. Why limit yourself to the standard MMO formula when you can obliterate the mold with an actual STAR TREK styled MMO, complete with more than just two factions that should actually be allies by now? \:-|

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