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# 1 Attention KDF Fleets!
03-05-2011, 08:50 AM
Attention KDF Fleets! hi i wanted to let y'all know that i'm putting up Fleets Page on STOI (Star Trek Online Infomation) it's actually new infomation site that has largest infomation etc up to date and many more including Mission walkthrough etc. it's all here. i'd like to ask if you want to have your Fleet Featured on my Site i'd be happy to do so. please post your Fleet name, Recruiting info, Description of your Fleet. right here on this Thread i'd be happy to take it to Fleets Page to put them up. Each Fleet will be Featured on my Site.
right now i'm working on the site, it's pretty much unfinished but it should be done soon.
here's the site, i have no idea if i'm gonna make it a permanant Site.
so, feel free to do it here if you want to. it's up to you. good luck Fleet Leaders!

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