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03-05-2011, 06:48 PM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
or have them sit in your sidebar queue by saying not right now, right?
which makes them o so useful
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03-05-2011, 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by Karvashio View Post
which makes them o so useful
You can only use a finite number of boffs at once. That number is less than the total you can have assigned to your ship.

You already have boffs that don't get used, right?
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Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
When the Romulan fleet was discovered by Picard, she ordered a hasty retreat, cloaked and sneaking away.

When The Romulan plot to overthrow Vulcan was foiled, she ordered the Vulcan ships with Romulan troops destroyed(from the safety and security of Romulus) and abandoned her plans.

In neither instance did she fly in with disruptors blazing when her plans went to hell. She gave up and snuck away like a true Romulan does.
You think maybe the loss of their whole planet, in combination of the rebellion of their proletariat class might not have a "motivating effect" on her actions?

Throw my hat in with Kitlor here... yes.. very Sela-ish, and I didn't bat an eye at the inclusion of her in the storyline here.

Saith, and Jolan'tru
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Originally Posted by FarsightFrostwhisper
And one last thing I don't get:

Remans blew up Hobus supernova. They killed billions. Yet now they are our best buddies, just because Iconians showed their ugly mugs?
You are assuming that all Remans will react as one. Just because Obiseck is buddy, buddy with us (the characteR) doesn't mean that all Remans will react favorably towards us and the Federation in teh future.
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03-05-2011, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by Rathruin
Best mission of the series.

No puzzles. Thank god.


1. Supposedly we're having trouble with our transporter but Security teams beam up and down, up and down, up and down. Seems it would have been best just to mention transporter difficulties instead and let us have a smaller away team.

2. There should have been some way to get us around the map without that pathing beam. Otherwise having a city map was a very nice change.

3. Reman Officer mission reward. Sure would have been nice to have a Romulan Female option as well. Lots of people including myself have all female crews. That hulking Reman just isn't going to fit in.

Well, the Borg BO doesn't really fit in with my all male crew.. but you know.. you deal with it..
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03-05-2011, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by Galan_Vaurek
Well, the Borg BO doesn't really fit in with my all male crew.. but you know.. you deal with it..
Actually, another question is to whether or not their sexes work the same as ours do. That's always assumed in Star Trek, but many writers have made non-sentient females and male alien cultures.
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03-05-2011, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
- the Scimitar at the end... wow, i played on easy and had a hard time with that one, Obisek whined that his ship was broken and the other ships got pretty beaten up too.
I do NOT want to play this on Elite
That is exactly the kind of problem we have with the one shot kill mobs.
If i play on Advanced or Elite, i want the trashmobs to be constantly challenging so that i dont get bored so easy, but if i run into a *Boss* or *mini Boss*... i do NOT want him so UBER that i can't beat him anymore, that is just frustrating.
I can see the Scimitar on Elite killing the whole Reman fleet while i hit evasive all the time and can't get the shields of her down -> no fun.

(did not actually happen this time for me, but i had something like that in other missions a few times... so... yeah... just something to keep in mind).
The Remans too get a power up, thats probably the reason why I didn't have the Ship-Diabled problem on Elite but later on Advanced.
The real problem playing Cutting the Cord on Elite is the final confrontation with Haakev, as there is no way one person alone could deal enough damage to get him down.
You might ask yourself now: What about that security team?
Well... They had a little incident with that drones Thalaron mine, roasted them for good.
Haakev himself is not really better: He sometimes one-shoots you, gets healed by the medic the whole time and you keep getting injuries.
I only managed to kill him because he and his minions where stupid enough to follow me outside the plaza, and ran right into a group of my reman friends...
It is certainly doable on elite but you shgould bring someone with you for the ground part...

So now to the actual review:

The mission itself was a great blast.
My crew has helped me as much as they could, even though they were in a pinch themselves.
The last few cutscenes were fitting too, even though I would have liked Hakeev to not disqualify himself as a villian by refusing to tell me of his plans. His 'obituary was a bit too plain for my preference, probably because the narrator(yellow text) missed a voiceover.
You really surprised me with those Iconian gates, I would not have thought that Hakeev hat three of them at his personal disposal.
Just one negativ here:
There should have been a 'take cover' part before the ship shoots its torpedos, otherwise the pc would get roasted.

Even though I unfortunately missed her during my first playthough, the Iconian probe was still something worth seing. I have no plan what would have happened if I had let that nasty little thing stay alive but it was really nice seing it, especially since the design was absolutely correct, this also includes the scaling.
The fight with the Scimitar Warbird was great, just like a mini end battle a la 'Kithomer Accords'.

I don't know what I should think about Sela appearing there and being captured.
It was clear to me that I would not get the chance to kill her, but thats not the issue here.
Why did Sela appear there in the first place, and to add with such a puny task force? (I can't call that a fleet as she only had a single bird of prey with her)

As expected, the tractor beam mine, good very good.
I can't use it, BUT I cannot express my gratitude for not getting any thalaron weaponry, as it would have killed the immersion(Especially since T'nae told us that even the Klingons would not use them)
The Reman Boff hoever was a bit upsetting. Not because it was yet another Boff as a Series reward, but because it was another Boff we cannot customize or at least give our factions uniform, specially since there were already enough complaints about the other reward Boffs not being changable.

All in all a good episode, and I can't wait to find out what has happened to Sela and what exactly the Iconians scheme is.
that being said, Mr Stahl I expect her decloaking next to me latest, when I finally get my V'ger fight .

As for joining the speculation party:

I still think J'mpok is not who he wants the Klingons to believe he is. My guess is that the real J'mpok already bit the dust and the current chancellor is an Undine infiltrator, doing the Iconian's job without knowing it.
Worf or Drex, or maybe even both of them will hopefully uncover his true form, should I be right of course, and bring that whole Klingon-Federation war to an end.
For the final Fight against the Iconians I could imagine a joined fleet of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Remans, Undine, Defari, Breen, Cardassians and the Ferengi(and maybe even the Borg), where that fleet would do the very same thing the empires of the past did: Driving the Iconioans back into the Oblivion they reemerged from.
Unfortunately we already know that this won't happen. We do know, that the Klingon-Federation war will eventually end and that the Undine will loose the war against the Federation and Klingon, at least if the team will follow the STO book.
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Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
and that the Undine will loose the war against the Federation and Klingon, at least if the team will follow the STO book.
I read that bit too, but to me it sounded like they were talking about a war that had already began and ended. The Undine war was the thing that plunged the quadrant into chaos in the first place.
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Originally Posted by P_Sutherland
wait a minute... iddnt a console in the last episode "coliseum" ... the console by the gate (which we didnt destroy) say that the gate had been activated by someone either passing to or from Sela's ship ? :O so... after discussing this with a team of experts, we have decided sela knows all about the Iconions... seeing as she was a Ex tal shair person...

now... Whos going to take over the Empire? Selas gone off with the Iconions, Hakeve (sp?) is dead. Taris has been arrested... and Donatra has been assimilated.
Easy one .... PVP war zone with Klingons and Feds fighting for it!
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Sorry, but the superhaman npc's that can leap tall buildings in a single bound has to be fixed, went through the whole mission to have Hakeev jump to the top of a building and die there were he can be reached.....

I liked the level, nice design. But for the love of god fix the rabbit AI

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