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So, after reading some of the many proposals that we have seen, specifically from that of Darren I thought I would chime in and bring the following to the table.

What iam proposing is something very much on top of what Darren has suggested, even perhaps a little simpler or added to his existing proposal.

Purpose: At the moment Star Trek Online doesnít provide anything of the imagination when it comes to a Turf War/Clan Territory system. Why, iam not entirely sure but one thing is clear that Star Trek Online is lacking in an area such as a Territory system. At the end of this you will see how I would also allow independent players to take part if they arenít part of a clan, which all players should be allowed to take part in this as STO isnít all about the clans.

Well, we have for several months been waiting on some real substances to be introduced all the while we have seen nothing more than fluff for that of the social areas or other areas for the certain segments which are being catered to and to be frank enough is enough and we need some real substances which needs to be introduced.

I have wanted to see a rather dynamic game that will bring fame to the players and clans of Star Trek Online.

At the moment we are still waiting for the foundry to be fleshed out per se, though when it does come online I have my concerns as at the moment and in its current condition it doesnít do or hasnít given what others had hoped. Iam glad to see that there are very constructive individuals that are working with Cryptic on perfecting it, I appreciate that and I think that what and how Cryptic is going about it all I think this approach of it will be done when it is done is a good position to take.

Why not allow groups or an individual to claim or become famous inside the game, after all that is what most wants out of a game is it not? Who doesnít want to control and defend that in which they have taken from another? I surely do, I want to kick the ***** out of another clan or several individuals that have worked so hard to obtain to only loss it. How exciting is that?

What is it?

A territory system in which would allow clans to gain territory, trading territory, lose territory and attack the territory of the opposing clan or group for a specific time period or until it is defended.

What are the objectives?

The objective is to own territory as a race of faction, gain more and protect it with your assets in an all out attack from an opponent or opponents.

What do you get when you win?

This can be tricky to answer, however I will try and answer that. If it could be made to be in a persistent fashion or through the instances system, it could be implemented to allowing clans to introduce such capabilities within the Foundry system (Dan Stahl has expressed just this concept), perhaps it could be done, but the way the foundry is going and in its current state, the capability is unknown at the moment.

So, what iam currently thinking is that the total size of space you control will be added up in some way to be granted towards that of the larger score through what your clan or others have obtained on their own, if you lose such areas you loss territory that you control, the space is deduced off your total and added onto the opposing clan or individuals total score for that controlled territory.

Duration of Claimed Territory?

Well, that is basically up to those that try and take the territory for their own means and vice versa. No controls over duration, it has to be a give and take in the means of someone taking it by force of battles within that certain areas of territory. Once established that of the clans, individuals have to work to maintain that territory control through the means of defensive platforms to AI ships or other means. This would be a good opportunity of having the ability to build certain assets within the material system, so that you can build that of certain platforms for defensive and so on, such as star bases as well.

So, my proposal would be for a clan leader/war leader would mark a territory that they want to attack before or put out some type of warning system of a certain cluster that is being attacked by unknown forces and a distress call goes out and that starts the turf war. Perhaps even have triggers in place of certain times period in which the first part of the territory has to be taken within a such and such time before you can even go onto the next step of taking the territory. Even have the ability to go after untaken territory within another area that would help in your long run campaign to take the territory?

Safe Zones

I would even suggest that of no manís land areas within these areas so that people can run to safe zones for resupply and weapon upgrades or repairs for their ships and personnel. Of course these neutral zones per se would be safe zones in which no one can fire on anyone until they leave system within that territory and it is on again.

Continued below.....
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03-05-2011, 03:40 PM
What about those that arenít part of a Clan?

This is a good question to ask which everyone will ask; this would force groups to work together within each other or some type of external protection system of some sorts if that individual isnít part of a clan. Though at the same time you have individuals that only want to solo, which is fine and that of a clan could ask someone outside of them if they would do this for so much and you could also put out a bounty on an individual to get them out of the way of sorts. Not everyone would be interested in such turf war, however they might be interested in it for a price in which your clan could ask for as in the means of compensation and vice versa, you could even have espionage by these individuals that play both sides which brings in another completely different means of the game as whole. Of course perhaps this could introduce a new faction of some sorts, along the lines of a neutral faction or even that of Klingon or those within the Klingon Empire. Either way all factions will have an interest, even if the faction has no interest they could create problems within that area of individuals that are trying to stop them from obtaining that area for some reason or another.

How do we regulate this?

This is simple, we allow Cryptic to decide on how large of a territory that could be taken within that of a instances of sorts, it isnít that hard nor would it be, it is a matter of getting it done.

Also, lets note that even if a clan or group controls a certain portion of the territory doesnít means they are all that and more, you can slowly chip away at that which they might not be placing assets on, which gives you that area that you have taken in which you could setup and even make an alliance with the clan to run that area as long as you pay that clan or group for rights within their territory, until which time you take it upon yourself to give it up or expand with others into that territory or elsewhere on the border of another.

Portions of Territory

So you can also think about it in the terms of perhaps if a clan holds say 50% of the territory, but only has a small portion it will have a lower portion but doesnít mean that the one with more is any more larger in means of territory, it could be that you control a larger area, while they control a smaller portion than you just in sheer size of that territory. It wonít matter if you have a clan or group of 1 or even that of 10, 30 or more it is all the matter of taking of what portion and how much you take of that territory.

Lets also throw another mix into it all, even if other clans that are much larger have bigger portions of territory, there is nothing from stopping you with smaller territory or group to form alliances to form a territory in your own means, as everyone would be able to have some type of benefit and stake in it as a whole which in turn the larger clans couldnít do that but that doesnít mean they couldnít hire mercs that are willing to do hit and run missions on your groups or even sabotage your territory nor could they create alliances which would have to place a cap on such things of course.

It is basically a stop gap for alliances in the means of anti harassment and also protection of territory that the owning clan canít protect. The class that protect other clans territory would get something of a reduction in the area of certain portions of protections against the much smaller loose alliances than the more established groups or clans.

What entails such territory and what is open to take for control to be established?

Within the system you would have something along the lines of perhaps multiple locations throughout the entire sector even that of and within systems, example lets use Vulcan while you enter another instance which stated that this is unclaimed territory within the greater Vulcan region of the outer areas of uncontrolled space, you take advantage of the opportunity to bring in forces. Once it occurs, a wide email of alert goes out to everyone within the community that an area is under attack and you are and have so much time to prevent such the clock starts, this could be happening within multiple locations throughout the game which it should.

These areas could include moons, planets and even open space area which would allow for an instance within an instance to occur. As instances can be as large as what Cryptic engine will allow a clan or group after taking the territory has to maintain that areas for so long, once they do they will have another timeline met on top of the other to establish their base, the means to obtaining those materials and so on.
During the early areas of setup, you will have to maintain a security force and that of Real Players to ensure that you have round the clock protection until which time you could allow it to be defended by AI provided by your assets and so on in which you setup within that area in multiple layers or however you decide to do so.

Personal Opinion ďWhyĒ

As the Universe of Star Trek Online hasnít been opened up, you could have many different factions within areas and you could even allow IA to do the same within game to that of Real Players, it is something of a long standing opinion that I and many within the greater community believe is missing from that of Star Trek Online, a turf war system so elaborate that it would take a lot of resources and materials in order to obtain such a prestige and goal for any clan or individuals.

I also know that my idea wonít be a popular by some but many would welcome the opportunity to instead of doing the same old, with nothing at stake or anything to loss in game. I certainly donít, I also know you will have those that will state that this is simply a rant and that if you want these things go play another title, however that title isnít Star Trek is what the problem is and this is what I and so many others want to see and it is past time that Cryptic bring forth something along these lines that is elaborate and would boost the player base of Star Trek Online.

Opinions Welcome, please be constructive.



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