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# 1 Returning Player Seeking Fleet
03-06-2011, 02:14 PM
I am returning after a long time away from the game and love all the changes and improvements.

Anyhow, I work a fulltime job and am married. Needless to say, I will not be on every day. I joined a fleet upon returning but it wasn't the right one for me. I am looking for a more laid back fleet. One that doesnt have a shopping list of requirements aside from helping each other. As I said, I am a busy guy in real life so I am looking for something a bit more mellow.

My in game name is Xb Walker@Xbwalker
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# 2
03-07-2011, 07:36 AM
Hi Xbwalker,

I am in the same boat as you and cannot play all the time. I find the requirements at the 12th Fleet to be perfect for my needs, maybe you will too? Give us a look to see if we are right for you.


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# 3
03-07-2011, 07:44 AM
You want a laid back fleet? We have lazy boys installed in every captain's ready room!

This is what we have to offer in a nutshell:
  • TeamSpeak and Ventrilo voice servers
  • Active members
  • Active fleet forum
  • Full fleet bank
  • Weekly activities
  • Weekly podcast
  • Videos
  • Supportive officers
  • PvP and PvE training/help/teaming
  • Help, advice and answers on builds/powers/items etc.
  • Optional enrollment in Tempest: our KDF sister fleet
  • Optional enrollment in Hyperionaughts: our Champions Online supergroup
  • Friendly people
  • Good laughs
  • . . . and cookies!

PM for an invite today!! Or if you like you can try us out first anytime.
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# 4
03-07-2011, 11:06 AM
omg cookies!!

on second thought, *puts cookie back* you dont allow guest access to any of the sight >.> im not gonna sign up for a guild sight if im not a member and i cant look over any of the guild information not asking for forum access or anything but you know maybe you should put registery and guild information in guest rank ?

also why isn't there a guild member registry or perhaps i just cant see it as a guest.
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# 5
03-07-2011, 11:59 AM
Well, we have a lot of fleet specific information on the forums and it keeps the spam out of it as well. The basic information is there to peruse. Your the first to say this.

At any rate, you are free to find any of us in game to take us for a test drive.
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# 6
03-08-2011, 12:22 PM
Sounds like you are looking for us.

We are a newly formed fleet (a couple of weeks) but have already ran 3 events or more. We have no silly rules or complex ranking structure. You determine your involvment in the fleet member or officer. We are just a group of people that like to focus on playing the game together, running stf's regulary as well as other missions together. We have members of all ranks and there will be someone there to help you along the way, as well as someone that you can probably help as well.

Our website is

You can apply there (no screening process, just one way that we can send you ingame invite)
James Goetz@goetzjam

Or search for us Expendables

I appreciate you reading this and I am sure you will fit right in.

PS Its not required to have a drink in one hand while playing, but some of us do!
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# 7
03-08-2011, 01:52 PM
Hi XbWalker,

Let me introduce you to 3rd Fleet as we may well be the fleet you are looking for!

We are a mature international fleet we get that life happens and the international bit means that there are lots of people on all the time - no matter when you log in. There are no rules about game-time except the big rule ... ENJOY YOURSELF!

We do have a short recruitment process but this is to try and weed out the bad guys.

Check us out at
We're an active fleet with lots going on.
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# 8
03-09-2011, 10:12 AM
There has never been a better time to join the 528th!
On top of joining a mature, stable, and casual community, here's some of what you can expect:

* A classy, active and well maintained Fleet Website.
* Some of the most knowledgeable players in STO who are willing to help!
* Free access to our VOIP server
* Special fleet events with some amazing dynamics!
* A Fleet forum full of information about the game!
* A system of promotion based on Merit, Veterancy and Activity
* Dedicated people serving as officers to assist the community and you
* A gaming community BEYOND STO. We play a bevy of other non-MMO games together
* Contests, STF's, PVP, and so much more!!

Apply on the 528th Website or contact us in-game to be interviewed!

See you around!

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# 9
03-09-2011, 11:00 AM
I just wanted to take the time to let you know about Shadow Dragon Fleet. We offer 110% percent support to our members; We have a fully functioning website ( and a ventrilo server and we are an in game fleet with active members and a fleet bank and our own fleet channel in game. We buy are players any equipment they need and we have crafters that can craft anything, we offer training to all of our members (our academy is run by experienced gamers who have MMO experience and have real life tactical experience and also role play experience) We are casual, knowledgeable, dedicated, very friendly, willing to lend a hand and assist the player in any way possible and we have skilled players that participate in pve and pvp. Shadow Dragon Fleet is also allied with other powerful fleets. opportunities are given to those who work hard. We also have higher positions available so there is plenty of room for advancement, and we cover all aspects of the game.

If you have any questions about the fleet feel free to send me a message here, or you can contact me through our site.
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# 10 Join Us...
03-09-2011, 11:13 AM
The Vulcan Exploration Fleet is a growing Fleet in STO. We are seeking at this time individuals who are seeking to explore the unknown realms of deep space. STO has continued to say that they will be makeing exploration more explorable. At this stage, they are doing a great job. Our Fleet will delve into this exploration once STO makes more changes in the near future to Sector space and Nebula clusters. Also, with the Foundry coming this month our Fleet will be ready to crank out missions for our Fleet and those who wish to exlplore them. Sepir, one of our members is a great RP and has done some good work in this area. Her talents in RP will easily cross over into the Foundry.

At this time we are seeking all species. We accept all game styles of playing. Their is room here in this Fleet to expand your imagination to the next level. Begin your journey with us!

Our ranking system is not complicated or so broad to not understand were you are in this Fleet. It is simple. You will be rank as you are presently are in STO. If you are new to STO, we will help you progress to your desired level and will supply you with material and weapons so you can defend your self when hostilities break out. If you need specialized crafted weapons, we can do it!

So come and let your level of exploring go to the next level, The Vulcan Exploration Fleet {VEF}.

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