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# 1 Two C-Store Ideas...
03-07-2011, 01:27 PM
I'm sure these aren't new, but i haven't seen similar suggestions in the last weeks:

1) Interface
We need an Interface-Option to hide Objects in the store we already have claimed or which are restricted.

Is it possible to include some kind of "limited Ship Token" to the Store?
Like 400 Atari Tokens for an Ship Token that would grant you ONE (except the newest) C-Store Ship on ONE Character (Except for the Guramba and Gal-X).
[I think such a system could work via the Emblem System, use the token and it will grant 500 Emblems, and for the "newest ship" problem, don't add them to the shipyard for the first weeks].

3) (Ok, this one is not so serious...and i promised only two, but i just couldn't resist) Neglected Race BO's
For the Federation: 1 Caitian Sci BO, 1 Benzite (with breen "vapour" effects for the breathing apparatus) Tac BO
Klingon Empire: 1 Lethean BO with Efficiency (choose Class)

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