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I recently had an issue with missions being dropped from my "In Progress" missions list.

Yesterday, I submitted a Bug Report Ticket, (don't ask the number, I wouldn't know). It was for Two missions disapearing from my Active Missions list. I took Adm Quinn's Boldly Go: Hromi, and the Grall's: Explore Hromi.

By the time I finished the Third or Fourth, I didn't count them, Explore Mission, both of the above missions disapeared from my Active List, and when I tried to contact SF for the pay outs, there was no message to hail starfleet for either of those.

Today, I got the Explore Hromi again, and when I finished the three this time, that mission disapeared again from my list, and I could not hail Grall to get reward.

Yesterday, I submitted the Bug Ticket, and today, that ticket was not on my tickets submitted list.

When a ticket is submitted, but no answer has yet been issued, where does that ticket go? and what is the process of getting answers to them.

When I do the other Explore from Grall, I do get the Grall Rewards, but not Hromi, What gives??
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03-08-2011, 01:51 PM
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03-08-2011, 08:41 PM
I see that there is a note above the Submit Bugs report screen that individual tickets will not be replied to due to the overwhelming number of tickets being received. Therefore, I will not hold my breath waiting for an answer.

I also see that Grall is no longer on my available missions list, not even for the more local to Serius and Regulis Sectors. Does that mean that there was a problem with his order issuing, and that was what I ran into??
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03-17-2011, 01:46 PM
This issue looks to be self resolved, as there is no necessity to Hail Star Fleet after the Hromi Cluster Scan 3 Missions. Players are Paid out 2 sections of awards after completing the last of the 3 systems, and then the Grall Hail is taken off the mission list.

That may have also happened with the Adm Quinn Boldly Go for that Cluster as well.

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