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After updating my mission to the newest Foundry standards with all the cool new options you guys worked so hard on, (I bow to you all), I tried publishing it. However, it seems 1 task is left. The description: Could not find contact. [UNTRANSLATED!]

All contacts are on the maps, the story line checks, there are no unplaced objects left in the library, and I ran the mission several times completely and per map... I can't find any missing contact.

I tried double click, right click, slammed my keyboard while clicking on the remaining 1 Task description, but it does not take the screen to the Contact that is missing. If I remember correctly, before the last patch, you could simply click an unfinished task and the screen scrolled to the "faulty" piece in the story line. That doesn't seem to work here.

Sending out a distress call!

The mission is named; Phoenix' Flight, in case you guys can view unpublished UGC.
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03-08-2011, 09:26 AM
Right on...
Click on the maps tab then the unplaced objects. If there is no contact there, try checking your storyboard as you may of used the contact more than once.

StarbaseUGC has a chat room if you have any more questions. I usualy hang out there and ask questions. That way I can get one on one feedback towards trouble shooting.
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03-08-2011, 10:43 AM
I just did. The issue is solved.

I copied each map to see if the error would duplicate, thus detecting the map with the error. Next I deleated every contact until the double error vanished.

As it appeared, it was an unknown problem with a dialogue sequence. I linked the pop-up to a Objective in Progress. It seems that option does not work with pop-ups. (Objective Complete does work however, fyi)

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