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03-09-2011, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
This might take some doing...It would certainly eliminate the need to have to introduce VA refits of lower level ships...Although it would be a massive thing to might take the devs a load of time to make it happen...but I think it might a be a better alternative to introducing VA refits of lower level ships...but I think there ought to be some kind of limitation to it...
The core can be used on all ships but it will only add up to a certain number of weapon slots, or certain type of BO slots based either off of your ship class or the class your captain is....That would make it more interesting...
This ^ +1

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03-09-2011, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by biglcny View Post

I think the idea of giving a special ability via console is a great idea. I have read that you are planning to use this more often. Just about every special ability would fit right into this model, but I think we can make greater use of it. Several of the ships in game are in there multiple times. We have 3 different versions of the Galaxy class, two different versions of the intrepid, excelsior, and the defiant. This can get overwhelming on both the development team and the user side.

Why not move to a master console system. For example, make a new console slot at the top named "Computer Core" this would be the master console slot that would determine the weapon slots, console slots, BO slots, and all of the rest of the stats for the entire ship. This would give people what they want and make ships highly configurable. I'd still keep the same progression of ships though...the're not going to be handing out Sovereign class star ships to lowly idiot Lieutenant's.

So for example, say you level up from Lt to Lt. Cmdr, you can take your ship with you... just go pickup a shinny new Mk VI computer core that you have just been authorized to use. You can make refits another console slot or combine it with the computer core. Have a regular Defiant VA1 core and a purple refit core.

Just a thought.
While i love this idea, i have a feeling if it ever did see light of day in STO, cryptic would ask us to spend 500 Cstore tokens each, instead of have them available through in games means such as mission rewards(which could start at each rank as you get your promotion mission).

The trend that started with ships that actually had better stats then comparative tier vessels available in game, and now moving forward with the MVAM, which most people that fly the Prometheus would probably want, now are being forced to spend additional money for a feature that was suppose to launch with the ship class.

But all in all a great idea

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