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Ok, well, I've made and published missions before, but this is my first "real" try at a developed storyline and interesting plot. The fact that The Foundry is getting more bells and whistles makes it easier to be inventive and original and hopefully (as I've tried to do here) become a unique part of the community of UGC authors.

Please, feel free to leave your feedback below. If you are looking for a review for your mission, please leave a review of mine on the server and below and I will make all haste to play through and review yours.

Ok, so the mission is titled "Imperfect Reflections" and is a story about two of your ship's officers about to tie the knot on Risa when the bridegroom, Ensign L'Tai, goes missing just hours before the ceremony. The bride is very distrought and seeks your help in finding her lost finace. There are some clues on the planet that will aid you as you play gumshoe and try to find the missing Ensign, but you must act quickly.

This story winds through space and ground combat scenarios that serve to enhance the story and excite the player. There are a few twists and turns along the way that I hope make for an intriguing and memorable mission.

I look very much forward to getting your honest feedback about Imperfect Reflections.

Thanks so much.


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