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# 1 Follow Targets
03-10-2011, 12:48 PM
I come from a background of playing World of ********. I am thuroughly enjoying the differences that sets STO apart. However, I have a visual disability and it makes it difficult to locate targets (friends & allies a like) mainly on the ground. I have discovered the "follow" command which can be bound to a key during ground combat. This is helpful, however the camera doesn't follow behind me when I use it. Is there a way that I can insure the camera will turn to always be behind me when I use the follow function?

Part 2: Could you possibly add a follow key binding option to the space controls as well? Hitting the key to lock the camera on my current target is helpful but it would be nice to be able to simply tap a key instead of; 1) Trying to find the cursor on screen, 2) Moving it to the target portrait, 3) Right clicking to bring up the context menu, 4) scroll down and be sure the cursor is on "follow" and not another optino, 5) Click follow, 6) put the cursor somewhere I can hopefully locate it quickly next time. This would be extremely useful to be able to quickly follow an ally before and after engaging and enemy to ensure we can both attack the same target, and would allow me freedom to be able to move around the target as needed and still be able to "get back in formation" with a group.

Keep up the good work guys, loving the game.

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