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# 1 Graphic issues with uniforms
02-08-2013, 03:36 PM
Good afternoon Mr. Stahl,

I first want to say I love the game and all of the hard work you guys put into it. I am sure it is very difficult to meet all of our needs and request and still make headway on your teams "White Board" But it is appreciated. With that being said i have a question about product quality control. Bugs aside I notice that there are quite a few imperfections in the various things we get in game whether purchased or given. I will give you the most recent example of what i am talking about. As part of the 3rd year Anniversary we recieved the "Yesterday's Enterprise ship and uniform rewards. This ship is excellent but if you check out the Yesterday's belt and chest piece i think you would agree with me that its appalling and i am amazed that the design team responsible for it would let it go out like that. the color bands of the belt and chest piece unevenly encrouch over the colors of the uniform. I ask that you check it out for yourself on a ingame toon wearing the Wrath of Khan unifrform, put those pieces on and do a 360 and you will see what i mean. Another example the Klingon Sashes that we got some time back do the same thing. When you place the uniform on a female klingon toon the uniform cuts in and out of the sash details makin it undesirable. The basic skirt for the Federation has a dark blue spot on the back that mis matches the color of the skirt which looks like a wet blotch on the ass "pardon my french".

I know these are small issues compared to other issues you are facing but i don't understand why these issues are not caught before releasing the products in game. In fairness to the designers and Dev's maybe they do not see these imperfections in the system they use creating these items. So i would suggest that someone try these things in the actual game on actual toons before releasing them. The less imperfections the better the experience regardless of the scope of the issue. Again great game but hopefully these issues will be corrected and more attention to details rather than rushing stuff out. Other than that keep up the good work.


If you get a change please pretty please incorperate a change in the ships NPC crew uniforms so that they match the selected uniforms of our main toons. I know it would be difficult to match our main toons but if they can match our BO's uniforms at least in style it would be great.

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