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  • Episode 5 Updates
    • Updates have been made to Hakeev to address the “superjump” behavior.
    • AI pathing on the ground map has been improved
    • Players will now have to “reach a safe distance” before they call in the attack at the end of the ground portion.
    • The targeting points on the hollow asteroid have been updated.
I played Cutting the Cord for the first time since yesterday's patch, and I think the new "reach safe distance" step is awesome! Makes that last torpedo strike all the better/more realistic! I'm glad, too, they had us not only run away, but into a bit of the map that could reasonably be considered "under cover" and they used the same "ghost ship" icon that was used in other orbital strikes earlier in the mission. Well done consistancy!

My only disappointment is the restriction to photon torps. My ship has quantums (and on another go through I had a ship with no torps at all). It would be nice if some how they could tie into that, but it's a minor matter.

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