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# 1 PvP Game Types
03-12-2011, 11:19 AM
First off I want to say that I usually dislike PvP in MMO's. For some reason it never appealed to me. I'd rather be raiding a dungeon or trying to kill the epic monster of killingness in order to get my epic shoulder boards. But STO is the exception. I love the PvP portion of the game. As many have posted I think Cryptic did a great job with the space aspect of the game and the PvP is fast paced filled with tacitcs and fun(unless you pug then it's just a fracas).

But as has been stated over and over the PvP side of the house has been largely ignored and is growing stagnant. People have been asking for more maps more game types and an open PvP area. I whole heartedly agree with all of these suggestions and in the spirit of if your gonna complain about it you should have a solution in mind I will state my ideas for the community to mock and condecend.

More PvP maps is self explanatory but I would like a map with hazard such as Nebulas or gravity wells and the like that could add to tactics and general strategies when playing on a certain map.

As for game types I have been brainstorming this. I like the idea of a resource running map, kind of a blockade running mechanic. This kind of a map could make cloaking an interesting aspect to team creation.My basic idea is this, team A has to defend a base while some precious cargo is being transferred out and team B has to destroy it before that can be done. The base would be defended by hard points and weapon systems that team B has to overcome. The running aspect comes from the fact that to keep the hard points up and the weapons working team A has to constantly run to resuply ships at the edge of the map to get gear to repair the hardpoints and weapons systems. These resupply ships would be defended by phaser cannons and team B could take them out, and if they are taken out team A could come back and resummon a replacement supply ship. You would obviously have to decloak to get the supplies from the supply ship and decloak to deliver them. For the run itself you could be cloaked and this offers a need for anti cloaking techniques. Map creation could be fun adding hazards and hiding spots along the run route as well as bottlenecks where you could set up detection grids with the Nebulas or sit and wait with a science ship to detect cloaked ships making a run. I think in general it offer s a wide cvariety of possibilities.

I think for open PvP Cryptic should take a look at Warhammer. Ar far as Open PvP I think they got it right. Each Open PvP area had two fortifications and you had to overcome each one in order to hold the area and by holding the area you got a bonus to drops, experience, and vendor prices. Obviously you cant compare apples to oranges but I think this would be easy to implement in STO. There are a few areas that offer good options already such as Pi Canis or Eta Eradani. But I would think that adding a new area or two would be easy. As for the rewards for holding the area thats where I'm not sure. Money doesnt seem to be an issue in the game and death penalty is weak so rewards for holding an area are dificult to come up with. As for the area itself maybe it could offer a transwarp gate to act as a shortcut to may locales in the universe incentivising the need/want to travel to this area. The area could also offer special vendors that only sell to the faction that controls it. The point is that open PvP areas offer a wide variety of options for expanded gameplay and all of those incentives have very little to no impact ont he PvE side of the game.

So those are my first ideas and very preliminary. Feel free to add to them or tell me why I'm completely off my rocker.

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# 2
03-18-2011, 12:51 AM
This is stuff that has been brought up before.

King onf the Hill Scenario
I am unfortunately not familar enough with this PvP map style and I'd invite others to flesh this one out.

One idea here I remember was that making the "hills" be near or in interesting locations like asteroid fields or nebulas to encourage their use.

Freighter Convoy Escort/Raid
I've have this written down somewhere else. The basic idea is to have a series of freighter groups passing through a sector, and one side defending it, and the other side raiding it. THe scenario has an innate time limit due to the time required by the freighters reachnig the other side.

Capture The Flag

Scenario Story
Klingon Intelligence has identified a Undine Spy working as a Starfleet Captain and captured him. The prisoner has been put into stasis in a special containment device for further interrogations in a newly installed facility on Rura Penthe. The KDF is interested in his intelligence both on Starfleet defenses as well as the Undine conspiracy.
Starfleet wants to know more about the Undine conspiracy as well, but they cannot allow the KDF to gain information on the Starfleet defenses.
The containment field briefly failed passing through a Nebula on its way to Rura Penthe, leading to the Undine causing massive psionic attacks on the ships crew, crippling the ship. This provides an opportuntiy for Starfleet to capture the Undine, while the KDF needs to fend them off and transport him to a safe location.

The map is situated in some kind of nebula with various dense pockets that inhibit sensors, full impulse and shields.
There are two safe spots in the nebula where warp travel is possible again. The goal of either side is to transport the stasis field from the middle of the map to its destination.

The nebula contains some innate spatial anomalies that make travel also particular dangerous, and possibly a few asteroids along the routes of the central capture point and the 2 outlying target spots.

The player carrying the stasis field has to pump a lot of energy into it to keep the Undine contained, causing some power drain, disabling full impulse, and cloaking technology (including MES). If a ship is destroyed, the containment device is dropped and can be picked up by anyone. If it remains dropped somewhere for more then 60 seconds, the map resets it to its original location.

Depending on how long a single capture the flag scenario takes, it might require 1 or 5 captures to "win" the map.
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# 3
03-18-2011, 02:34 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
This is stuff that has been brought up before.

King onf the Hill Scenario
I am unfortunately not familar enough with this PvP map style and I'd invite others to flesh this one out.

One idea here I remember was that making the "hills" be near or in interesting locations like asteroid fields or nebulas to encourage their use.
This would be similar to the current capture and hold map. The differences are:
  1. There's only one location to hold at a time.
  2. The team with the most ships "on the hill" gains points.
  3. After a set time or certain number of points are gained by either team or the total of both teams, the "hill" moves to a different location on the map. Preferably a random spot so no-one knows where to go next until the new location is revealed. Sure it could be 8 or 10 different locations that are always used, but it's random as to what order they are picked. Some locations could be picked more than once per match, but not back to back.

Mech Warrior 4 had KotH, Capture the Flag, etc.

King of the Hill games are normally a free for all type of game, where the 1 person on the hill gains points and everyone else tries to kill them so they can be the next KotH. However, a team vs team version can work as I've described above.

I like your details and premise for the capture the flag game much better than I originally described in a different thread. To explain why the stasis chamber doesn't get destroyed when the holder's ship is, it could be towed behind the ship by a tractor beam that's activated via the an action button that pops up, similar to grabbing loots, scanning and anomaly, etc. Clicking the button or hitting the hot-key instantly grabs it with your ships tractor beam (not the BOff power). While towing the containment pod you're flagged as in combat. However, since this is a weak tractor beam, if you try to use significant speed and/or turn boosting abilities, such as EPtE, Engine Battery, Ramming Speed, Evasive Maneuvers you risk losing your grip on the pod. The fastest, most maneuverable ship's unbuffed speed and turn rate would not break this weak tractor beam's hold, so you can fight normally, you just can't try to pull one of the escape tactics, unless you want to drop the pod.
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# 4
03-18-2011, 02:52 AM
Maybe the containment device is made from neutronium?

I don't think Free For All makes much sense for STO, story-wise at least. Team-based variants should be possible.
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# 5
03-18-2011, 03:37 AM
I wasn't saying KotH should be a FFA game, just that in most other games it is FFA. Since STO is about team vs tea, that's why I said it can be made to work as team vs team. Sorry for the confusion there, I've been up way too long.
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# 6
03-27-2011, 12:35 AM
A new PvP Mode idea, inspired by SteveHale's thread on a Borg revamp!

Drone Assimilation (Ground and Space Scenario)

The Borg Collective is moving to assimialte various planets in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. One world recently coming under attack is Migon Prime. KDF and Federation vessels have been dispatched to aid rescuing civilians from the surface.

The Migoni are an advanced race, particularly renown for their excellent planetary shield system. Unfortunately, the Borg have already partially neutrailized the shields, and have began assimliated vast areas of the surface. Several large cities are still protected by smaller shield emitters, and the Borg have begun to deploy drones to penetrate shields on the ground and attack from there.

Ground Map
The marvelous cityscape of Migon Prime is under attack. Its shields are under a constant barrage of a Borg vessel, while the first drones have penetrated the shields and are now moving in to the shield defense control center.

Space Map
Freighters and transports are leaving the ship surface and trying to find a way to safety.
The civilian vessels have to be escorted from the planet's surface to the Starbase (maybe old space dock).

The goal of the players is to stay alive and save the civlian (vessels) from Borg attacks. Unless they are killed - at that point, they respawn as Borg Drone and have to assimliate as many players as possible, and disable the shield or assimilate the Starbase.
Disabling the shield or assimilated the starbase is effectively only possible if there are no players around to interfere, as it requires a series of uninterrupted interactions that resets repeatedly.

The Borg NPCs can attack players and NPCs alike, but they can't actually complete the objective without player characters.

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