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03-23-2011, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Svensson View Post
The 500 day reward ought to be one of several small things....
a] One opposing faction costume piece [Klingon sashes would look pretty bad-ass on a Terran Empire costurmes...]
b] Opposing faction pet [btw, where are the dogs /cats for the humans in Starfleet?]
c] A trophy for your ship's lounge /Captain's Office
d] A purple level tribble usable by all races /factions
e] Ok, this is my favorite, so I'm biased... EARLY ACCESS TO ROMULAN FACTION CONTENT! [I can dream, can't I? ]
a. That should already be available for Fed Klingons
b. Eh, I guess, If they are hesitant to give us something useful for the sake of balance
c. Yes
d. I like the idea, but I also like tribbles being given away as tester rewards. Maybe come up with something else? Maybe referencing being a veteran?
e. Eh, I don't see that happening, partly due to the public outcry that will come from non-vets, but also because if I were Cryptic I'd want as many folks playtesting that kind of expansion even after release, even teh noobs.
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03-24-2011, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by Husnock01 View Post
Still want the SS Enterprise XCV-330.

That would be an AWESOME vanity ship, and the last time I posted a topic about it, it got a surprising amount of support.
Honestly, I like it it looks so iconic and wholesome.

unlike the concept art done by Ralph McQuarrie

so yes. I'm all for a USS Enterprise XCV-330 to be released. I'd suggest it be a sci class ship.
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03-24-2011, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by Roachinsd View Post
A red matter capacitor would be nice
your best bet would be here. keep an eye out cause I've seen it go as lo as $7.99 , and if your willing to cram it down your friends and family's throat, buy a six copies, one for you to keep and use, and the other five give them as gifts and be sure to refer each of them first so that you get your Photonic BOff, your titles, Atari Points and last but not least the Enterprise-X
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03-24-2011, 08:32 AM
500 day reward = 500 emblems.

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03-24-2011, 10:21 PM
how did i miss that suggestion?!?! early access ti romulan content!! Only one thing....thats more like 1000 day vet reward! ^^ ohhhh cryptic Im pulling your chain!...wait was there somhting about yanking a leg?:p But really, perfect idea, But i think that it should be more like a 600 maybe even 700 day reward, I would like more content for my kling, thats my main reason why i dont play it...and time...

500 days = 500 emblems is such a good idea, and cause its soo wont happen.

upgrading officer slots not a good idea...I hope this never hapens ever. Worst case would be buying BO upgrades in C store. Just dont go there in the first place and never suggest you want it, even in the form of a reward for playing at 500 days. Cause one thing leads to another....

Tribble idea is ok, borg/fluidic space can be used by klings so meh...I like real cats and dogs on the fed side however, Its extreeeeeeeeely canon. Its Cannon canon!

I just (right now) thought of a few good ones! ok so remember how back when everyone used to spam cover shields and shield domes and all the bunker kit powers? give us a "party kit" This could even be for the next year celebration hmm....inside the shield dome its a disco ball effect!! bwahahahahahaaa!!!
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03-27-2011, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by Doogie
What about the klingons? Give them a Fed ship for a 500 day reward?

This actually ISN"T a bad idea, at 500 days allow for a cross faction ship choice. We already have several cross faction Officers. We all know any one can commandeer a ship a ship and retro fit it to their needs. It would allow Fed side carriers. It would allow Klingon side MVAM. It would allow the People that spent all that money on the Galaxy-x or Destroyer to use them on thier other faction characters as well making them more worth the $25.

I actually would LOVE this.
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04-24-2011, 12:57 PM
What about giving players the Holographic Bridge Officer from the referral program?
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04-24-2011, 10:44 PM
It should be something that isn't unbalanced, since only those who have been playing a long time can get it. But it should be something to say, "Thanks for playing so long."

I know a lot of non-500 day players will complain about almost anything that is given away, but unlike those who gripe about the Lifetime accounts holders, vet rewards should be very nice.

It's these players who have helped pay for this game along the way, these are the players who helped keep this game going so that the new players could even get a chance to play it and decide they like it.

I don't think Lifetime Account holders are special, and I am one of them...but 500 day vets are. That means we have spent 1.5 years supporting the game. With vet rewards only coming every 100 days, they should be great bonuses.

I'm not saying we should get something that make us more powerful, but we should get options that others who haven't played as long don't. They will get there one day and they can share in our rewards with us. I had a debate in game the other day on this subject. and I told those people the same thing I say here. It's the long time players who have made the game what it is today. Without them, would STO even be here now? Maybe, but who knows for sure.

Some of my suggestions for future vet rewards are:

Refit of any ship from Tier 2 and up. Allow us to pick a ship, and have it improved to top Tier. And even better would be that it grows each time we rank up, to match a ship of the same type at that tier. Escorts to escorts and Sci to Sci.

Or Instead, just allow us to pick a ship from a preivous Tier to use as a skin on any ship of the same type. So you could make a Teir 5 Defiant-R look like a Tier 3 Akira.

But more realistically, I'd like to see something that is on par with items already in game that has a unique look to it. Like solid gold Body Armor, as an example. So it's equal to anything you can get in game but stands out.

It could be something like a trait that we get which colors our beams a certain way. It could be Enabled and Disabled like the Borg/Aegis/Reman shields on a ship. Basically, it lets us have beams/cannons that have a special color or fire style to them. Even better would be to have several designs and let us pick the one we want for our Captains.

It wouldn't change the type of weapon or the stats of it, only the look. A few examples would be:

Lightning - looks like a basic lightning bolt zapping a ship. On a crit it could make a larger arc.
Flame - looks like a thing flamethrower style beam.
Ice - leaves a small frosted effect on the enemy ship for a short duration, like ten seconds.
Negative energy - fire like a beam but looks like it's solid black except for a slightly violet outline, similar to the shadow effects in Champions Online.

This could work for Torpedos instead. Some examples of those:

Sticky - the torpedo looks like a glob of plasma, and splats on the enemy hull leaving a ooze like area for a short duration
Negative Energy - see above
Spiral - the torpedo seems to spin in space as it travels to it's target
Zipper - the torpedo zig zags in a random fashion as it travels to it's target
Teleporting - the torpedo fires from the ship, then vanishes and reappears several times as it travels to it's target, making the impression it is teleporting or phasing out.

For those who prefer mines you could do something similar there.

Lastly, I also like the idea of a ship emote. This emote basically changes the "death" animation from a just a large explosion to the ship breaking apart and Escape Pods launching from it. Depending on the size of the ship's crew, a set number of escape pods fire from the ship when it hit's zero hull, then it breaks apart and explodes. This is something that could be added to a Captain as a passive trait, wouldn't affect gameplay at all, and would be unique enough to please me at least.

Thanks for reading,
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04-25-2011, 09:56 AM
500 days? Upgrade the Galaxy-X a bit more to allow for it to wear a Monarch Skin, and give that to us. Might as well be a vanity ship.
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04-25-2011, 02:24 PM
I'm thinking the Holographic BOFF from referral along with the Holographic Tribble, and the ability to get a ship from the enemy would be cool, I'd probably get me a little B'rel BOP, or maybe a Carrier...who knows?

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