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# 1 I rest my case about ADF..
03-13-2011, 05:15 AM
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# 2 Retort?
03-13-2011, 10:40 AM
Sandy, Sandy, Dandy Sandy....

Here is what happened...

You were gone for a large amount of time, and you were booted due to inactivity. You came back, and that put you in the same 30 day trial that all new recruits are in. We felt that your personality did not match the fleets wants or goals. Sorry it was not explained better.

Now as to the reasons Afov had the right to do anything... He is a Civilian Advisory to ADF, and still an Active member of the fleet. He is also the Ex-Presidente, meaning he is respected as such. He is granted powers on an as needed basis, and this was above my head in approval.

When you were brought back in, there was a background check run on you through all our lovely paperwork and issues that had arisen before. There was a time where you had stated, and I don't have the links but will provide them if needed when the Officer that wrote the report gets online, that you had made some of the graphics used on the ADF website. As for the validity and whatnot I do not know, and honestly don't care. This was an outstanding issue that we thought was resolved when you failed to log in for many months. Once you returned, that was overlooked as the new command staff didn't have knowledge of it until reading old reports. Please realize that this is standard policy in the fleet, and you can read our rules that were available to you at any time by clicking the linky below in my signature.

So the reasons you were kicked:
1) Inactivity.
2) Personality conflicts.
3) Plagaristic Claims on artwork and fleet graphics.

As for Risa, sure, well insert a spy, what do you think you are for? Don't blow your cover, so they kick you out.

If you would like to appeal this issue, please contact Ezra and Garrek, and whine to them about it.
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# 3
03-13-2011, 10:52 AM
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