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03-13-2011, 02:58 PM
Here's a copy of what I sent to Cryptic Team and they suggested that I should put this up in a thread on here. Please have a read and put your thoughs and suggestions at the bottom.

During this mission we need to go back in time as you obverse know as you designed the mission and created the story. I would like to make the following suggestions to improving the mission for game play for players that have purchased the original series uniform from the cryptic store. We should have the diplomatic opinion to put our away team in the original series uniforms along with having access codes for the space station.

During night of the comet we get the reward of the original series phaser and phaser rifle well when you decide to make available changing the tricorder opinions. May be you can make the original series tricorder available as a reward along with even the communicator in the future just like they did in the Deep Space Nine special Trial and Tribble-ations.

This would allow the away team to move around the station without having issues with the security forces on the station. Second on the note of security forces on the station you would normally find security outside each doorway in sensitive areas like engineering and computer control also Starfleet security personal would be in teams of two while patrolling. Even if the security teams started a fire fight with us they wouldn’t kill us the most like thing would be that the team would be stunned and taken to the brig.

Third if we even did start a phaser fight in the corridor the stations internal sensors would have picked it up and that would alert more security to that area. So when we go to the past and our in the computer core we should be able to download a virus that effects the internal sensors making it possible to fire our weapons without the internal sensors alerting security.

We should also be able to download records indicating that our story is correct if we decide to take the diplomatic route about being transferred to the station or on special assignment. While these opinions all sound good I’m sure your saying to yourselves what if a player is playing an alien. Well when it comes to aliens or non-humans the away team can visit sickbay before transporting over to the station just like how you have improved the mission stranded in Space.

When in sickbay they can have cosmic surgery done to look human as most of Starfleet was made up of humans than other Federation member worlds only had less volunteers from their planets to join Starfleet.
Another thing with this opinion of going undercover would be to make sure that the away team stuck to the three uniform colours and nothing in rank above Lieutenant. The reason being that most people on the station would take more notice, if they saw a Starfleet officer wearing a Purple shirt and the rank of Admiral on their uniform this would be ridicules if their trying to be undercover.

Well hope you like the ideas and that I get some feedback from you hopefully good thanks for your Time in this matter.

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