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# 1 Death of Romulus (STO Fanfic)
03-14-2011, 01:03 PM
The sky was burning. The Hobus star had gone supernova, then accelerated into a Hypernova that was tearing across space at super-luninal speeds. Dozens of planets had already been swallowed in the cosmic fire, scores of ships that weren't fast enough littering with their atoms, and whatever few spare parts had managed to survive the atomic furnace.

One planet, though, it hadn't reached. The crown jewel of a vast and proud empire, and one of the few true paradises in all of known space. Ch'Rihan. Romulus. From afar, it looked no different from any other blue-green world, aside from it's rather large neighbor and moon. However, this facade of peace belied the frantic swarm of ships that traveled over it's surface, desperately trying to lift as many people as they can away from the doomed planet.

One such ship had yet to take off. A small Bird of Prey, the Aen v'Stelam, it was still trying to cram survivors onto the craft. Sub-Commander Jaeih S'Tarleya sat in the command chair as she watched the crew go about their work. The Commander had already left the ship to help on the ground, and she was left incharge of the small craft. They'd emptied all cargo, shuttles, even weapons casings just to try and get more people on.

Jaeih looked over to the Comm technician. “Report, are we at capacity, yet?”

The belugered centurian glanced up. “We are already at maximum recommended capacity, Sub-Commander, but we should be able to fit a few more families.”

Jaeih nodded, “And what of Oren? Have you been able to contact him?”

The centurian shook his head negative, and Jaeih paled, fighting off the urge to bite at her lip. It wasn't proper for a commanding officer to show such emotions, even in these circumstances. They could only show determination, and resolve.

“Sub-Commander! We're getting a report from the task squadron sent out to try and slow the blast wave!” The Comm tech reported just moments later. His excitement evaporated, and he paled to a sickly pasty white. “It's... they've been unsucsesful. Half the squadron is gone, the other half is left behind the blast wave, but are too damaged to pursue it.”

This time, Jaeih did swallow somewhat. With that failure, Romulus only had a few score more minutes to live. “Try reaching Oren again, tell him to get his ass on this ship. Now!” The Tech nearly yelped and nodded, fingers dancing across the console as he did as ordered.

The frustrated woman turned to the helmsman. “Get engines hot and raise the loading ramps. We'll beam Oren and the others aboard as we go.”

“Sub-commander, there are still people on the launch deck, they could be hurt if we try to launch.”

Jaeigh closed her eyes, offering a prayer to the elements. Her resolve was becoming frazzled as everything started to fall apart. “Fire off a warning with the engines, not enough to hurt anyone, and then open the speakers: 'This is Sub-Commander Jaeigh S'Tarleya. Clear the deck now, or you risk injury. This ship can hold no more.'” She nodded, and the channel was closed.

“No change, Sub-Commander, they refuse to moved.”

Jaeigh closed her eyes against the stress, and what she was about to do. “Take off.” Powerful engines roared to life as the helmsman lifted the ship off. Though the ship was lightened by inertial dampeners, the engines that blasted at the crowd were still strong enough to sear at flesh and pulverize bone, and the hundreds of clambering refugees scrambled to get away from the now hostile ship.

Within moments, the vessel had lifted off and was skimming over the country side, lifting higher and higher into the air, the sky already fading from blue and into the black of space.

“Sub-Commander, the... the blast wave has breached the system sensor grid. Estimated 7 minutes to arrival now.”

Jaeigh looked over to the tech again. “Lock onto Oren's signal, pinpoint his location, and beam him, and whoever is with him out.” With that, she turned to look at the viewscreen again, as the planet began to fall away from them.

“Sir... I'm... I'm doing the best I can... but with so many people, I don't think I can find him...” The Tech said as he punched away at the console. A minute ticked away, then another, and still nothing. Jaeigh bit her lip against a growing panic. Silently, she whispered to herself, “Oren, damn you, get out of there, contact us, do something! Get out of there you damn fool!” Tears had begun to well in her eyes, but she stoically held them back as best she could.

“Sub-Commander... blast wave is incoming now... we need to accelerate to Warp 7 if we're to avoid it.”

Jaeigh looked at the Helsmsman, stunned, pale, and without orders for him. For just a moment, there was hesitation on the bridge as the Sub-Commander's orders stopped. Then the Helmsman turned and activated the warp drive. Jaeigh wanted to scream for him to stop and reverse the ship, but it couldn't get past the building lump in her throat. Instead, she jerked her head up to the screen, as the planet began to fall away slowly.

Then she did scream. As the atomic fire of a dieing, murderous star, swept over the plaet. For a brief moment, Oren, her husband, and their family, flashed before her eyes. Then, just as the planet, they were gone. She gagged on her tears, and somehow found herself falling down from her chair onto the ground. The entire crew, unnerved and afraid to see this woman, normally filled with resolve in the face of any danger, reduced to such a state.

The Aen v'Stelam sped away from the death of it's homeworld to whatever port that would take in it's grief stricken crew.
This may or may not get turned into a full blown series based on the fall of the Romulan Empire. This is just something I drew up, based on the backstory for my Star Trek Online character Yerra.

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