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greetings, im tired of parking in gamma for days,weeks,months trying to get a team for ka,took me nearly a year to get a group for cure that actualy made it all the yay me
ok heres what i want, anyone with a bg3-lg5 add ares@Pan420 and message me whenever you want to do an stf,i know what its like to see no klingons in gamma so il do any stf you like,you dont have to join our fleet,you dont have to be pro or vet, all you need to do is be willing to try and get em done with me,you dont have the right gear? my fleet will craft it for you,il be online everyday and usualy most of the night
dont want to fill up your friends list with another stranger? go to chat options and under channels join/create KDF 13 and contact me there,its sad but this is something that needs to be done these days,
and of course, you can join us if you wish,we have a fed fleet as well so when theres no teams on kdf i can be available for fed stf as well,
founder/leader of KDF 13th Tactcal wing,one of the oldest fleets in the game thats still active

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