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I've played through the entire series many, many times with all my captains now. To borrow the slang: the entire episode arc was "pure awesome sauce" from the beginning to end! It had great puzzles (yes I liked the math!) and nice plot development. But there are two little things that bothered me.

First, in Frozen, you go through all that trouble to repair a mining laser to get through a gate and what happens? This huge build up, a cut scene, explosions (I love a good explosion!) . . . but all made my a thin feeble looking laser shot? I was hoping for a major energy release from the way the mining laser was charging up!

Second, in Coliseum, near the end where you gather things to spend the night in the cave was great. I liked the little 'scavenger hunt' excitement. And it created more nifty accolades for me to get (yeah, I have an accolade addiction problem). But, here it comes: The science officer gets the water, OK makes sense. Then the engineer goes hunting? The tactical officer gathers firewood? Those two seem switched; shouldn't the tactical officer go hunting and the engineer be making fires? :p

Like I said, just two little things. Thanks again guys for such a great game and I can't wait for more feature episodes!

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