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We Are The Initiative!!!

Prepare To Be Assimilated!!!.

Resistance Is Futile!!!

My Designation Is Ty'ranna Sorus R'ax , Chief Assimilator (recruitment Officer) For The Fleet, Assimilated Initiative And It Is My Purpose To Prepare You For Assimilation Into Our Collective!

Although Our Collective Has Only Been Formed Recently (after Our Over-adventurous Leader Was Assimilated In Earth-time Feb. 2011), Thanks To Advanced Assimilation Techniques, We Have Already Assimilated Over 200 Captains Into The Collective, Both From The Federation And The Klingon Sides Of Your Trivial Disputes!!
We Have Assimilated Captains From All Over Your Home Planet Earth, So There Is Always A Collective Presence On-line Whatever Your Time-zone!

It Is Our Intention To Assimilate The Whole Of This Galaxy. And So There Are No Restrictions To Who May Be Assimilated, Any Age, Race, Gender, No Matter Your Preferences For Casual Or Committed Captaincy, No Matter Your Experience Or Lack Of It, All Will Be Assimilated!! Our Unique Collective Approach Means That You Could Find Us Less Constrictive Then Some Of The Other Fleets In Sto. Apart From The Normal Common Courtesies Of Respect For The Individual, No Racism/ Sexism Or Any Other 'ism You Are Free To Be Yourself! (after All You Pay To Be In This Galaxy And Our Main Aim Is For You To Have Fun And Gain The Most Enjoyment From Your Experience Here!

This Collective Is Unique In That We Have Retained Many Aspects Of Our Individuality So You Will Find On Assimilation You Have Joined A Friendly, Fun And Helpful Collective!
There Is Plenty Of Opportunity For Individuals To Be Promoted Within The Collective And Receive Increasing Rewards As One Does So E.g. Better Access To The Collective Bank Etc.
The Collective Engages In Regular Stf's And Other Collective Actions And There Are Many Competitions And Challenges Offering Valuable Prizes To The Successful!

We Have Developed A Unique Sub-space Communications Network That Can Be Accessed Via Vent And Website! If You Wish To Pre-empt The Inevitable, And Offer Yourself For Assimilation Before We Come For You Please Contact @lleonardo3 Or @mike0523 For Further Info Or Immediate Assimilation!

Remember: Resistance Is Futile!!!!

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