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# 1 Bugs in game
03-17-2011, 08:13 PM
cold call
I cant scan warp Particless, will not me do it, ok I was forced to replay and so some had again so I cant scan warp Particless, need be fix.

play Cutting the Cord now we have wall jumping Super Obisek , I was forced to replay need be fix.

free deferi at Prisoners at zaria ,at end their was a Kligon bean with their Breen need be fix.

when play I was in my Starfleet Captain science officer, the Ice mining fleet action , I don't why counld not my kit didn't work, need be fix.

Call this look for lost Vulcan, when play minefield can't fine speak to S'larin, go to room take all romulans, I did fine after take all romulans in the frist sceond room, lost Vulcan came up, it came up when you bean in to the map, to speak to S'larin, need be fix.

and today got online play star trek online, one my brigde officer was not in the right Assigments, I put brigde officer back where I had before, at need be fix.

free deferi at Prisoners at zaria Did all mission said bean up my ship, now I can can't tlak Ambassador Surah, So like going replay mission, need be fix.

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