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Looking for a fleet that is full of mature players that enjoy getting together on a regular basis, one that creates unique events, helps you with learning and playing.

The 528th Fleet takes the time to talk to you via Vent get to know you before inviting you. They take the time to inform you of what the fleet is all about, they are really awesome at that.

Some activities in STO that we participate on a regular basis:

Big Brother Night: We help level up our lower rank members
Escort Gladiatorial Games: Want to be a gladiator and battle another ship for Energy Credits and fame, well then this is definitely for you.
PVP: We do PVP alot, we team up and do PVP also
Raids: We do the STF's Infected, The Cure, Kitomers Accord etc and we do in both difficulty levels

Visit our website at http://528th.mmoguildsites.com

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