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MARCH 20, 2011

Do certain elements of PVP/PVE/UGC need an overhaul moving forward?

I just wanted to start a discussion on the current problems with PVP/PVE/UGC and solutions on how to fix or improve them moving forward. As of today the main issues I have personally come across include:

1. The imbalance of the torpedo lineup

-since 90% of players are using quantum torpedoes obviously they are superior to the other torp options.
-the massive kinetic dmg especially with torp BO powers makes them the most common torp used
-while photons have a higher rate of fire their lower dmg makes them severely less used since you can get a better effect with BO powers using quantums
-chronitons are mainly used for their slowing effect and not for their inferior dmg
-plasmas and tris are extremely slow and vulnerable
-transphasics are by far the most useless since the extra shield penetration does not make up for the lowest dmg output of all the torps.

-change the main difference of photons to perhaps disable a subsystem like phasers instead of the higher rate of fire to make them more attractive
-another possible proc for photons is that they would have a small chance to permanently disable a weapon slot (like a beam or a turret or torp) or a ship component slot (like a console or the engines or deflector) until the player uses minor, major, or critical components to repair it. (or some new item like damage repair teams) this makes sense since in the shows you would see that torps did enough dmg that they could take systems offline and that they had to send people or reroute stuff to bring it back online. and also because if a ship is at 30% WHY are all of its systems online and functioning? shouldnt some be out of commission?
[the damaged slot idea goes like this, if something does go offline. it pops up above your panel like: "Phaser Beam Array Mk XI - OFFLINE" then when you click on it you can repair the system with say 1 critical component or 2 major, or 3 minor, OR send 1 of 3? of your available damage repair teams to it. clicking that option consumes those components or makes that repair team busy initiating a HOT on that slot. HOT speed could be based upon the XP spent in Subsystem Repair.]
-the chroniton effect is nice and should stay and i dont suggest nerfing quantums
-plasmas and tris should probably be sped up
-tri stun shoud stay
-plasma torp fire proc needs to be increased because it was not adjusted when player hull and shield HP was increased thereby making the effect very weak
-transphasics should have both their damage and shield penetration increased to make them noticeable when you are hit by them. currently they do 65% of the base dmg of quantums with the 20% bonus shield penetration perhaps it should be increased to 85% the dmg of a quantum and 50% shield penetration or higher but with increasingly long cool downs the higher the shield penetration.

with that i think that we would start to see more of a mix in ship builds in pvp and more of a variation and balance in torp types used.

2. the imbalance of energy weapon procs

-certain weapons are used much more than others because they are inherently better.
-phasers and disruptors remain extremely popular due to the low investment in skill points needed to max them out as well as the phaser disable proc and the disruptor -10%dmg resist proc.
-tetryon and polaron usage is lower due to their higher xp investment
-plasmas are rarely used due to their higher xp investment and useless fire proc
-this is because tetryon and plasma procs were not changed when all hull and shield hp's were increased thereby lessening the effect of their procs
-antiprotons remain popular despite their high xp investment because of their innate +20% critd


-phasers, disruptors, antiprotons should stay the same
-plasmas and tetryons should have their procs increased in dmg amount, plasmas in particular because they are currently the most underused weapon type
-possible alternative or even additional procs for tetryons include that they would have a small chance to destabilize a target ships shield grid and a random shield facing would go down every 2 seconds for 10 seconds or the shields penetration would increase. which makes sense because tetryons are supposed to interfere with energy fields like ship and personal shields and holograms.
-possible alternative or even additional procs for plasmas include that they would have a small chance to decrease hull dmg resistance since the ship is on fire [like disruptors meaning disruptor proc would instead have to be say... an innate +20% crtH similar to the antiprotons +20%crtD]
-polarons should have their proc increased to be more noticeable of a drain. this is because they are particularly not currently effective on eng captains or cruisers who can manage power levels very well. perhaps -50 all power levels instead of -25 or maybe even if it disrupted your power grid instead by making your power levels extremely fluctuate up and down possibly disabling or even overloading a system. another possibility is adding a secondary proc. a small chance to penetrate shields completely like we saw with polaron weapons in DS9. something to balance the xp requirement more because they are the most expensive to spec into along with AP.

i think that by making the currently less popular weapons more interesting it makes it harder for people to choose what they will use on their ship and well see more variation in builds and variety.


-in recent months pvp and gameplay in general has become much more cluttered. with the addition of mines that have a wider range, reman fighters, cluster torpedoes and fleet supports one starts to think if cryptic is trying to overload our visual cortexes.


-change the reticules for NPC objects like photonics, fleet supports, mines, fighters, saucers, mvam sections etc as to declutter the HUD and differentiate from players

more to come later... ill update this post then. dont have time right now... but post what you think below as well as your suggestions for fixing gameplay problems.

please no rants and raves that dont offer any solutions.

4. Mines

5. Photonic Fleet

6. Photonic Bridge Officer

7. Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines changes that are coming

8. Beam Fire at Will changes that are coming

9. Away Team AI and Melee Weapons

10. Cannons and Dual Cannons
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# 2
03-20-2011, 12:16 PM
lots of good stuff here. if mines had a slightly bigger range and maybe did more dmg then iyou could lower the number that spawn decreasing mine clutter while keeping them as effective
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# 3
03-20-2011, 02:44 PM
At the very least, I agree with the intent of the OP.

I wish they'd look at the following:
  • Energy Procs
  • Torpedoes
  • Non-player Spam
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# 4
03-20-2011, 03:17 PM
ideas are good and could be discussed except for the part about torpedos knocking a weapon slot offline.

cryptic has stated before that they do not want to have players going into a downward spiral of uselessness as they take damage.

also, taking one weapon system off totally throws off the pvp balance

i, like many others have an escort which mounts a forward dual beam, 2 forward dual heavies, and a forward quantum

an effective BO layout for those, is your first tac has TH1, CRF1, BO3, and APO3, while my other tac has TV1, BFAW2, and CSV2

knocking my dual beam offline would take away half the damage of my alpha, and thats what an escort was designed for
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# 5
03-20-2011, 03:19 PM
on another note, cryptic has said that balancing torps out more is on their plans sometime after season 4 comes out i believe
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# 6
03-20-2011, 03:43 PM
I'd like to see more match customization:

VA matches with a Tier limit on ships. It would be fun to have a reason to break out my old T2 ships, etc.

20V20 Cap N Hold. I just really want to see giant fur ball battles.

More terrain that affects systems. Micro nebula that dampen energy weapons, etc.

Shuttle/ fighter matches.

Matches that uses a tier cap and not a level cap so we can see diverse fleets in action. Level 10 tier cap with any combination of tiers up to 10. That way would see battle groups forming in different configurations.

Open match free for alls but the spawn timer climbs with your tier. So a player can insta spawn with a T2 or wait 30? seconds for a T5. I just want to see matches that pit different ship combos.

Also all of those other issues need a look as well.
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# 7
03-20-2011, 03:59 PM
this is what i propose for weapon changes.

Phaser- 5% chance to disable subsystem for 5 seconds. The duration of the proc stacks consecutively. it should be limited to one system at a time though, all other systems get 'emergency dampeners' against the proc for 30 seconds. if your shields are disabled and in that 5 seconds you got hit with the proc to disable engines it wouldn't do any thing. otherwise it would basically be impossible to tank against multiple phaser users. but if you got hit with another shield disable proc, shields would remain disabled for another 5 seconds.

Disruptor- 5% chance for target to take 10% more damage for 5 seconds. The duration of the proc stacks consecutively, but the proc chance goes down 1% every time the proc occurs when the target is already suffering from it.

Plasma- 5% chance to start a plasma fire that deals 50% of the initial weapon damage over 5 seconds. Proc can stack unlimited times. that seems a bit more realistic, and would work well at high levels too.

Tetryon- 5% chance to negate 100 weapon energy for 5 seconds. The duration of the proc stacks consecutively. source- "Bombardment with tetryons can render directed-energy weapons inoperative. Jadzia Dax utilized tetryons to disable the weapons of The Albino's troops on Secarus IV in 2370. (DS9: "Blood Oath")"

Polaron- 5% chance to do 50% more shield bleed
source- ever watch deep space nine?!

Antiproton- 20% critical severity like normal. since every antiproton weapon ive seen is very rare purple, it doesn't seem to need more than that. dual heavy antiproton cannons are available with 70% critical severity!

photon- a 5% chance to add a 1 second cooldown to random bo powers

quantum- fine

Plasma torpedoes- should do photon damage per hit, with a quantum cool down. The plasma fire proc, if it goes off, and the plasma torp impact should cause 20% more total damage than a quantum torp hit.

heavy plasma- much higher evasion, its a small target. depending on the high yield level you use, you should be able to fire 1, 2, or 3 of them.

Transpheric- should have a shield penetration percentage that ranges from 20% to 100%. The penetration percentage should be random.

Cronoton- cooling down as fast as photons would make them interesting.

tricobalt- much higher evasion, its a small target. quantum torp flight speed.
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# 8
03-20-2011, 05:22 PM
Shouldnt this be in the pvp form?
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# 9
03-20-2011, 05:23 PM
not necessarily. initially i titled it pvp but then it started to include things that were just about gameplay in general. after all weapons do the same thing to npc's as they do to players.
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# 10
03-21-2011, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by Kudach View Post
Shouldnt this be in the pvp form?

However, snix might not be checking those forums since he's no longer working at Cryptic.

Which leaves.... possibly Gecko to look at it?

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