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Sol Vanguard: has been around since 3.1.10

We are a fleet dedicated to helpfully supporting your STO experience, namely having fun in a structured respectful fashion. To this end we have a number of rules. These rules come in three varities, what you must do, what you should do and what you can do. The rules listed directly below outline what you will do at all times as members of this fleet.

Adults Only means age 18 and up.

• First (Ventrilo): you are required to have vent. with at least the ability to hear. so you can follow the game play of your team. Please if you do not know what ventrilo is, please google it, if you do not know how to set ventrilo up, please google it. Ventrilo is a free download.

• Second (Conduct): This is an 18 and older fleet. Respect your fellow fleet members. follow vent rules on verbal content.

• Third (Chain of Command): This is not the military but neither is it a democracy when the Fleet Leader makes a judgment you will respect it, if you wish to comment do so in private. This is so that when you do have an issue with a judgment you can discuss it without disrupting other members gaming experience.

* Fourth (Activity) You must login once in a 8 day period or you will be kicked due to inactivity, you're welcome to rejoin at any time. Also if you know you will not play for more then 8 days update your member comment to show when you are comming back to play.

New Member information:

• Our Vice Admiral (Guy in Charge) is keith@keigetsu, if you have any questions ask him or check the fleet roster for other officers if you need help. If you need to know how to do that ask in vent and we will help you.

• When in need, ask! We have players on from around the world, there is almost always someone on, if you have a question or comment let us know, we need your input to make the fleet better. Don’t be afraid to ask in either fleet chat or vent, let your voice be heard!

Who is Sol Vanguard?

Sol Vanguard protects the peace and freedoms of Federation Citizens. We uphold the ideals of The Federation and seek to foster them in others. We, one member at a time, draw the line in cold dark of space against those who would threaten these values, which we hold so dear. We exist to put an end those who seek War, Oppression and Tyrannical Rule. Sol Vanguard fights for those who cannot, protects those without champions and fights for the rights of the weak. To you; my friends, who seek to protect the Federation, uphold its ideals and protect its Citizens, join us in this cause.

Vent Rules and Information:

• Code of Conduct: As mentioned above you will respect others if and when they tell you that a topic or type of language is offensive; this pertains specifically to foul and abusive language, racial epithets or judgments about racial groups. This is an international game let’s remember that and act like the adults we are.

• Age Requirements: We do not recruit members that are under the age of 18. We chose to do this so that a mature and adult environment may be maintained. This does not mean that those under 18 will not be allowed on vent, but any such admittance must be cleared with the fleet leader first.

• Vent Rules for Rooms: Each Room has a name relating to its function, when engaging in activities in conjunction with vent use the appropriate room for your group.

Bank Rules and Information

• Bank Items: Bank use is restricted buy rank in the fleet, if there is something you need, contact a fleet officer with the type of item you need and why. We are here to help you, not to pander to bank raiders.

• Bank Policy for fair use: Once you gain bank access please replace what you take out with a similar value of items or equipment. We acknowledge that this will not be instantaneous but please remember that others made their deposits to help you, return the favor and we will all have the resources we need;

• Bank Tabs: All the bank tabs are marked when making deposits please put them in the appropriate tab. This cuts down on how much work the fleet officers have to do, which means more game time to help you.

• Bank Donations: Although not required, remember this is what the fleet uses to keep stocked up on things that all players use during the course of game play. Please ONLY donate energy credits or data samples we make other weapons and items opon request.

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