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# 1 Podcast UGC Interviews Mapolis
04-01-2011, 03:39 PM
In the latest Podcast UGC, Environment Artist and one of The Foundry's developers, Mapolis, talks about this newly released toolset for making player-authored missions.

Link to the news article.
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# 2
04-01-2011, 03:42 PM
It was rather awesome :-D
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# 3 Bland interview
04-04-2011, 08:09 AM
It was rather dull and to much one sided. To much glory polish by the hosts. While i understand you can give praise to people for doing a nice job on a project, you do this at the beginning and end of the interview not after each question. You simple look bias and i felt this was not a meaty interview.

Some questions i wish was asked, like What is the overal goal of the foundry in STO?

why after the foundry release was limitations put on?

Why didnt these limitation become public knowledge before foundry release?

is the foundry meant to substitute cryptic content features?

What is the overall mission and purpose of the foundry?

Does the foundry missions and functions allocate to the star trek online game universe where it affects the overall mmo game play and time frame to this star trek galaxy?

Why does the foundry not focus on the overall big picture of star trek online?

Will the foundry be used to create new cryptic content done by cryptic developers?

These sorts of questions along with less buddy buddy, would have shown that this pod cast developer are not just giving cryptic a pass and over glorify these developers after every question. While i do appreciate the job that is done i also look at the overall scale of such a job. its purpose was never defined to the community and to many pod cast go gew gew eyed when they get a chance to interview and not get down to the meant of these attributes. You dont have to be rude but you can be a objective reporter and still show appreciation for the persons interview.

You can gain some good media insight by watching some talk shows like the view and morning joy. They have a host panel and while they are a major tv broadcast show they premises is simple to grab from them. I think this could help your pod cast out some.
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# 4
04-04-2011, 08:20 AM
Thanks for the feedback. You ask some good questions. However, Mapolis is Environment Artist at Cryptic and is not able to answer strategic questions about the Foundry. He was great at giving some answers to technical question about the Foundry as a tool and I hope we have him back on to get into some very details questions.

We are hoping to get Dan on and your questions about the overall goals and roadmap of the Foundry would be great to put to him. Glad you listen and thanks for the feedback.
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# 5 wish for objective measure
04-04-2011, 08:32 AM
well i would find it very disturbing that such a person in his status does not know what he is creating something for. as a design engineering I am always in knowledge of my creation even if i am on a team or if i am creating a portion of a whole. If he cant answer it then its better for him to say that then to not ask particular questions. The foundry video shows that Dan is not the only person who is apart of or incharge of the foundry project.

My opinion is only to show you wont be to soft and to hmmm one sided. better to have a balanced interview where it does not seem like the foundry is a success when in fact it is another can of worms that cryptic has not explained its full mission or function with regards to STO.

I dont consider the feature a fail but like with the first surprise sto players got when there favorite ships where put on the C-store rather then in game first. We did not know the can of worms that open. Now we all fight amongst ourselves of if a ship should be on the C-store or in game as a give only.

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