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Hi Foundry authors,

You probably know that you can make wiki pages for your missions and add them to Wiki UGC. What you may not know is that we've finally finished building a systems database to help you research and plan your missions.

For every system (door) in the Foundry, we have a page that lists:

A. Other ugc missions that authors made there (if they use the wiki).
B. A list of relevant links to research the place at memory alpha, memory beta,, and stowiki. I have searched high and low for info on places like Xarantine in both Trek canon and non-canon. it took months to run each system's name through each of these resources.
C. Pictures of the systems, taken from the sector space squares that pop up when players are flying through sector space.
D. The system descriptions of each system, also from the popup boxes in sector space.

This was a major undertaking, and I really hope that you find it useful. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help the community of Foundry authors.

Thanks again to all the folks like Ashter, Chaddy, Dave, tran, sorie, and the other folks who helped to build this database.

Here is an example of a system page:

You can browse the full systems directory from the main page at (on the right)

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