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# 1 PvP Map and Game
03-22-2011, 12:45 PM

Ok so here is my idea for a PvP map, now with included sketch of said proposed map. I would love to hear any feedback from the community. Hopefully constructive and not simply your idea is crap and you should go hang yourself.

So its basically an assault type map at heart with a blockade running element. So team A starts at one side of the map with one NPC Dreadnaught and Team B starts at the other side of the map orbiting a planet. Win condition is if Team A can bombard the planet before a timer runs out. Length of the timer is uncertain any suggestions would be appreciated. To bambard the planet team A has to destroy strongpoints. Also with the stronpoints are several orbital defense platforms. These orbital defense platforms dont necessarily need to be detroyed.

The blockade running aspect is for Team B. Whenever team A destroys a strongpoint or defense platform team B can repair it by running out to the waiting Cargo ships and retrieve supplies and bring them back. The waiting cargo ships can be destroyed by team A in which case team B would have to summon new cargo ships at that position if they wanted to run supplies. The cargo ships could be protected by a small group (2 or 3) of weapons pods.

Cloaked ships would have to uncloak to retrieve supplies, drop off supplies, or summon new cargo ships.

Team A's NPC Dreadnaught moves towards the planet at sub impulse speeds on a designated path firing on any enemy targets as it moves towards the planet. Once at the planet it always attacks red strongpoint until it is destroyed then randomly attacks either the other strongpoints or the defensive batteries orbiting the planet.

The map would also have several hazards, each with its own unique drawbacks.

*Disables Cloak
*Disables Full Impulse
*Sensors offline on all ships except Science

*Disables Cloak
*Disables Full Impulse
*Random discharges do moderate damage and stun

Briar Patch
*Disables Cloak
*Disables Full Impulse
*Random metreon discharges do Massive dmg and apply 's dmg to a random system. Players can also set off metreon explosions

*Ships flying within 10km of the singularity have their cloak disabled and are rooted for 6 seconds after 6 seconds are immune to roots for 6 seconds.

Questions I have for the community. What should the HP on the planet be? How long shoudl the timer be? Should there be ways for each side to accelerate or slow the timer? Is placing NPC entities(Dreadnaught and defense platforms)totally off base?

As I said I would love feedback.

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
03-22-2011, 12:50 PM
Also somethig I forgot to add spawn rate on the Dreadnaught. Once it is destroyed it respawns in 4 mins. Also it would just sit at the spawn point till someone went and ordered it to move forward.


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