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I've decided to post this to see what over players think about Space combat in general. What are some strong points and weak points in this aspect of the game?

Maybe it is just me, but it appears like some of the weapon graphics have been changed in the game. It looks like they have made the width of beam weapons smaller.

-I think this is great! But, I think it can be taken even further. Sometimes I'm in a space battle and it feels like the weapons fire are just colourful beams of light, and hold no surpirse-no Umph!!! I'd really like to see the beam weapons appear like and extremely concentrated laser that means business in battle. I think it would be benefitial to decrease the amount of time it takes firing them. A quick but intense phaser fire would be epic!

-I'm really impressed with the effeort put into torpedo weapons. The fact that there are sooo many different types makes it really interesting when modding your ships. I do think the graphic could be intensified though. For one, I think the torpedoes should really cook through space. Sometimes I feel like they just leave your ship and float over to the enemy causing damage. Also, Firing arcs for torpedoes are crazy big!!! You can fire a torpedo with an enemy at your side, and it just turns in space and follows the enemy.

-I'm loving shield graphics, especially the new ones created for special equipment sets.

These are just a few things I've been thinking about as I play the game. What do you guys think?

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