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04-07-2011, 06:57 AM
Hello everyone, i'm Tibus Heth and ive just returned to STO last night after many months. Im looking for a fleet to join that is medium-high members and activity with pref ts3 or ventrilo with fun friendly and social members on it, i love to do STF missions and dailys and will also be making my own content to share soon hopefully. i also like to dp pvp and did much pvp at release of the game when i had my own fleet [Royal Federation Navy] im a very active player and love to use mic a lot and am a good teamplayer willing to learn, take orders and follow them to make myself and the fleet better. im looking for an organized fleet that will have open spaces and a use for my engineering abilitys on a regular basis. im in game now so contact me and if you miss me mail me in game and ill contact you back when i read. below is a bit of info on my char.

Ship - Nomad Star Cruiser, fitted with 6x tetryon beam arrays and 2x Quan Torps.
Char - Engineering Kit - Fabrication specialist.

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