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In the past couple of weeks I have spent some real money attempting to aquire up to four Respect Tokens and none of them have been credited to my character account. I have requested GM's help but my tickets have been ignored (or only attended by some automated system, which is the same as ignored) .

I understand that Cryptic is receiving a huge amount of bug reports and that is perfectly understandable givent the ever evolving nature of game with this level of complexity. What I don't understand is that Cryptic does not have (as far as I know) a separate process to address issues involving the C-Store transactions. I suppose that most of the issues reorted involve money and money is time sensitive. When someting goes wrong with a C-Store transaction, it is typically the user who is affected and his/her money is held without reason.
I demand that Cryptic pay more attention to these tickets and to show little more comercial ethics and respect to their clients.

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