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# 1 Multi Fleet Options
03-27-2011, 03:11 PM
In the past we have had discussions here about some fleets that have hit the fleet cap despite going through there inactives quite often and being selective on who can be part of the fleet.

This idea is geared toward both fleets that have multiple fleets in one faction or have fleets in multiple factions.

I think this option should be enabled on the fleets that wants or needs this option. It should not be automatic. I can see security issues with setting up multiple fleets as anyone can claim another fleet as their own. The only way it could work is in order for it to be created; you have to be the highest ranked person in the fleet to create the second fleet into the one. In theory, you should have multiple people that have the highest rank in the main fleet so that another fleet can be created without relying on only one person to create it when you get close to hitting the max capacity of the fleet.

I will be getting back to this idea in a moment after we deal with the multiple factions. How do we want to deal with multiple faction and how to integrated it into one fleet. Not all fleet have the same name as their Fed and Klingon fleets. In fact most donít.

Letís take a look at the manifest page which is what the biggest problem becomes when it comes to people in the fleet. There are different rank structures between the two types of fleets too.

So on the Manifest page, instead of having what we have now, we would go to the manifest page, we would be given some options to click inside that and divided up between Federation or Klingon. Then you would have to choose what fleet manifest you want to look at.

From this page also, the ones who can create fleets, can in fact have an option on the page to create another fleet without having to have an alt to do so. This person would be able to manage multiple fleets without having to have a character in the other fleet. The fleet chat window would be shared with all fleets. Events calendar would be shared. You can choose to have separate events calendars between factions. Ranks would be different between factions, but the same between multiple fleets in the same faction. You can set up multiple channels like the officer channels without creating the internal channel that we currently have. These channels would be tied to the fleet only. You can still create the other type of channels if you want to.

When adding people to the fleet, they would be given the option of which one the person needs to be added to.

I think that is it for now.

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